Sega Direct Trizeal Bonus CD

Triangle Service. Let that name settle in your mind for a few seconds. Do you recall anything they've ever created? No? Well, Triangle Service are the team behind vertical shooter Trizeal.
A pretty obscure and expensive Dreamcast shmup, with a silky smooth framerate and some great toe-tapping music, Trizeal was ported from the arcade to Dreamcast in 2005, so was a very late release. What you probably didn't know is that Triangle Service released a promotional music CD for the game in a similar fashion to Chaos Field, and it was only available through the Sega Direct online store. I somehow managed to snag this for next to nothing on eBay and I have to say I'm quite impressed with the quality of the tunes on the CD.

Having never actually played Trizeal personally, I'm not totally sure if all of the tracks on the CD are featured in the game (track 1 - '9minutes of TRIZEAL') appears to be a 9 minute long medley of tunes so I wonder if these are just snippets of music from the game's different stages and menus. The other two tracks are titled 'Traveler' and 'Infinite Horizon' and sound like traditional pop/dance songs. Again, I'm not sure if they feature in the actual game but they're quite catchy (and sung in Japanese as far as I can tell). Along with the aforementioned Chaos Field bonus CD, this is another nice rarity to have in the collection. If you know any more about this, please let us know in the comments.


DCGX said...

I still have this sealed. I bought it with Trizeal for, I think, $40 off GameTZ some years ago.

Nik Thorpe said...

This was one of two bonus items that came with Trizeal at launch, along with a bandana. I've still got both! As I recall, they were created to get people to pre-order. Triangle Service was in dire straits when Trizeal was due to be released - the whole game was ported by one guy, and he basically made a big post explaining how the studio was in financial trouble. (

Unknown said...

This release, Trizeal + Bandana + Bonus CD, was tagged by the retailer as "Limited Edition" when I bought it and it's still sealed. It was the famous Lik-Sang :)