16ths: The Dreamcast Start-Up Theme

Hey! I started doing YouTube videos just this past year, and one of the series I do is about short pieces in video game music. The Dreamcast's boot tune is one such piece. Even though some older systems had musical start-ups, most of the others weren't as good - certainly, they probably didn't have the same caliber of composer. Anyway, prologue aside, here's the video:


Anonymous said...

Thanks, B# Major General! For the next ones, I recommend that you make longer background videos to match the length of the overall video(s), and the audio would get a real tune-up by you using a better quality microphone. All in all, though, a good continuation of a promising series!


B# Major General said...

Yeah, I'm well aware of my microphone issues. I'm currently working on getting someone to get me a better mic, but I don't even know what to get! Anything would be better than this singing game mic I'm using.

I realized my video mistake only after the DVD was finalized. I had only used it for one other video, so I wasn't quite used to using it. Thankfully, most of my other videos can be done with OpenEmu and desktop recording! :D