The Dreamcast Junkyard is a Dreamcast fan site that began in 2005 as a personal blog. Since then, it has grown in popularity and we regularly update with the latest news from the booming Dreamcast scene. Below are listed the fine folks that continue to keep the Junkyard fully stocked with prime cuts of Dreamcast related news, podcasts, features and the hottest of takes on social media:
  • Tom Charnock
  • Barry Harmon
  • Mike Phelan
  • Kev Mason
  • James Harvey
  • Lewis Cox
  • Marc Williams
If you'd like to contact us, please email us at admin (at) the dreamcastjunkyard.co.uk or follow us on Twitter and send us a message.


Ryo Hazuki said...

Hey guys love the junkyard community. Know you guys catch shit on here at least Tom does. I'm not used to Reddit, this my second post but wanted to show some love where ever I can. Again thanks for all the work everyone puts in to it.

Unknown said...

Hi Guys, I'm a massive DC fan and I'm currently working my way through around 5 podcasts a day while at work! now up to number 32! keep it up

Tom Charnock said...

Hi Rob - thanks! Hope you enjoy them :)