In 2005, while waiting for a bus, Tom Charnock popped into a branch of now-defunct British video game chain Gamestation, where he saw a Sega Dreamcast for sale at a ridiculously low price. Wanting to relive some of the games he'd previously owned, Tom purchased this system. In the weeks that followed, Tom quickly started to amass a collection, as he rekindled his love for Sega's final console. With so many games and peripherals piling up in Tom's room, his housemate remarked that his room was becoming a “Dreamcast Junkyard”. From there, Tom decided to start The Dreamcast Junkyard, originally as a personal blog for him to document his Dreamcast collecting exploits during this time. His first post was uploaded in December of that year.

The old school readers remember...

Since then, The Dreamcast Junkyard has grown in popularity, blossoming into what you see today: the internet's number one source for Dreamcast news, reviews, retrospectives, podcasts, videos, and everything in between; all brought to you by a passionate team of dedicated fans.  

Below are listed some of the fine folks that keep the Junkyard chugging along:

Now happily retired to a ranch in the Alpha Quadrant:
  • Tom Charnock

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