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The Peripherals

The initial peripherals are as follows:

4 Official Dreamcast pads

2 Official Dreamcast Lightguns

2 Official Dreamcast VMUs


Son_et_lumiere said...

Uh, maracas? Jeez. And you need some arcade sticks too. But good job otherwise.

Son_et_lumiere said...

Oh, and I think there was a microphone as well; I can't remember what game it was for though.

Tom Charnock said...

maracas will be added as soon as they appear on eBay for less than £100, and I nearly had the microphone a few weeks back - but got outbid by 10 goddamn pence! Oh, and it was Planet Ring

Son_et_lumiere said...

Ooh! Don't forget the fishing rod for that Bass game! God, DC had some comedy peripherals.

Anonymous said...

Where's the keyboard?!

Animated AF said...

The arcade stick is a beauty. You most defiantly want one of those, especially if you play a lot of fighters, of which there are a lot on the DC, particulay from capcom~