Jet Set Radio

One of the greatest Dreamcast games of them all has finally arrived in the Yard - Jet Set Radio.

Kudos must go to the seller on eBay - it's in PERFECT condition and even has the little Dreamcast future releases brochure thing included (and it just happens to feature Half Life, that incidentally you can now get! - see post below).

The cartoony, cell-shaded style of the game is frankly brilliant and the overall visual quality easily matches that of Jet Set Radio Future on the Xbox. So far, this is definatley one of my favourite games on the DC, along with Hydro Thunder and MSR. Also, it only cost me about £2.00, which is a bit good. Now, point your eyes downward...

This is a screen from the Dreamcast version:

And here's a shot from the Xbox version. Not much difference
is there...? Well, I supose the 'spark' effects are a bit 'sparkier.' Cough.

And fuck knows what these two retards are supposed to be doing. If I was trying to sell a game as original and downright AWESOME as Jet Set Radio, would I recruit a fat munter like this to pose in a promo shot?!?! WOULD I BOLLOCKS. And she hasnt got roller blades on...

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Son_et_lumiere said...

Ah, JSR was fantastic. Some camera problems, but didn't take away from the thrill and fun of the thing. Who's your fav character? I liked the weird bug-face guy cos he was quite fast but could also hold a good amount of paint.
Do you know about the "infinity circuit"? Go to the first level, by the bus stop roofs, on trick mode whatever it was called. Start at the top of the walkway, get speed up and grind along the long left-hand railing (you may need to hop to keep your speed up on it), towards the big signs, which you grind and wall jump between, landing on the railing below. You can then jump the gap to the next railing (aim right a bit in midair), then you have to pull of a big wall ride jump off the sign to left of you (again aim right a bit midair), then ride up the right-hand railing back onto the walkway, hop back across to the left one; repeat.

I got a massive score on that, cos it lets you finish the trick you're on!! I also found the trick out myself, not off some guide. Skillz! Let me know if you can do it.