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Subliminal Advertising 2

Following on from the Gagaman(n)'s (eyes left, people) frankly amazing post about Janet Jackson's heaving, wobbling breasts (and something about Sega too), today I noticed something almost as good...

Below is a picture of the televisual set up in my (our) modest (Israel, 1973) living room:

You will notice some multicoloured arrows, funnily enough inserted by the latest Mossad technology (cheers Avner). Don't be afraid though - that is the power of the modern Acorn Archimedes computer workstation, also responsible for the targetting of enemy troops in Lebanon. And here, as ever, is the quay. Or 'Key.' as landlubbers prefer:

Green: Our cheap-ass Freeview (because Sky is far too expensive)
Red: The lovely 1694 DVD player made exclusivley for the Dreamcast Junkyard by our friends at Rumbelows, for the modest price of 16 Groats
Blue: The Dreamcast 128-Bit Interactive Multimedia System by Atari. Or Sega. One of the two.
Pink: The fucking huge GAY curtains somebody put up for effect of 'batchelor pad' but actually scream 'we are all queer...please 'break in' through our open bedroom windows and bum us...' etc.

However, I - as regular readers will have no doubt guessed - digress.

Tonight (incidentally a Friday), since my socialising choices consisted of a) going to a friend's flat to watch the entire final series of 'The West Wing,' or b) Sitting on my own and watching Will Smith's (hopefully) last movie, 'Hitch' on the ancient DVD player (red arrow). I took the manly option...and chose the red arrow (Hitch).

The West Wing?!?! I'd rather put my eyeballs in the microwave for 8 minutes, then eat them betwixt two shaves of Hovis smothered with camel spunk. And Hellmans, Naturally.

Anyway, getting back to the POINT, while I was watching Hitch, on a TV above my Dreamcast...I noticed something - or 'someone' familiar:

YES! In the opening scenes where our hero, The Fresh Prince (sadly unaided by either Carlton or Phillip Banks), tells us how we can all find true love, there is a scene involving a fucking loser next to an Ice Cream Van. Guess who pops up?

It's only motherfucking SONIC:

So, the moral is - wherever geeks, The Fresh Prince, and Sonic all pop up...true love will always follow.

And Spongebob.

But a quick knee in the face will probably see that twat off, no probs.


Animated AF said...

I want Sonic ice cream. I wanna bite of his nose.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, The West Wing was a great show. Aaron Sorkin is one of the best TV writers around. Sports Night is still one of my favorite sitcoms, a great show that wasn't around long enough. Can't wait for his new show, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip!

gnome said...

All that's left now is to add a bit (just a wee little bit) of subliminal pr0n and the Yard will be complete...

A brilliantly surreal post tomleece.

The Chad said...

Wow, a esoteric snippet for us nerds, in Hitch, no less. It reminds me of when I caught Daddy Daycare on TV and found out that my hero Jon Katz had a small role in it. But yeah, no Carlton or uncle Phil and I don't know if I could watch it!

Omar said...

Studio 60 pilot was leaked some time ago, I found it good!

Also, there's quite a bit of Sega Dreamcast ads in the Jossie and The Pussycat movie.

Tom Charnock said...

The West Wing is about as interesting as watching the petals of a dandelion wither and die, only to be replaced by those fluffy white things.