From now - yes, right now! - you can also access the Dreamcast Junkyard by typing


into your browser! Or just by clicking on the above link. The 'Yard is still being hosted by Blogger.com and as such will also retain the usual blogger URL, but I just thought it'd be easier if I got a proper domain name. As .tk was extremely cheap (read: Free), I just thought I'd claim it.

If you wanna register your own free .tk domain, check out www.dot.tk for further info. Peace out.

*Update: I removed the Hyphons!*


Animated AF said...

I've used .tk for my sites before, but when you use it you have to skip thopugh a advert page, and you also get pop ups. Gah, I suppose you get what you don't have to pay for.

Anonymous said...

The main reason to use the .tk doman is to shorten the url. But you still used the - between each word, which makes it tedious to type.

Simple url, easier to type and remember:

Keep the great work :D

Animated AF said...

meh, I have the site in my bookmarks anyway, so it's only a click away =P

Tom Charnock said...

Thanks for the constructive criticism Wilhelm. It has been noted and changed accordingly. Although, yeah - I'm with The Gagaman on this one!

gnome said...

Great idea... Guess it would also work fine with "proper" .com hosting... right?