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Dreamcast is Art! Evidence!

Of course we at the Junkyard knew this all along, but the Dreamcast is something of a work of art. Who needs the Perfect Man with his six arms, the Mona Lisa with her smile and some modern twat's untidy desk when you can have monkey's with maracas, pink haired ladies with long legs and fishing rod kung-fu? They say a picture can say a thousand words, so how about 60 pictures per second? The Da Vinci code? How about the Konami code?

Well, now it appears that people are finally starting to appreciate the master piece Sega has given us, with these two lumps of evidence I've discovered in the last two days.


Yesterday, me Uni lot went on a trip up to Londo (Sorry, London) where we went to the Science Museum for the 'GAME ON' exhibit that is on there till February. I've posted more about this joyous, fantastic place at my personal Blog here, complete with dozens of photos, but here I want to point out that while the Dreamcast wasn't presented quite as well as it could have been (Samba De Amigo? Soul Calibur?) thy did have a few Dreamcast's set up for play. Just a cake walk from the projected Pong, you could play it's replacement Virtua Tennis 2, and there was also a Dreamcast running Bust-a-Move 4 further in. They also had a PS2 running the Dreamcast's swan song REZ, easily the strongest example of video games as an art form you can possibly get. Best of all, however, was that the Dreamcast was part of a long time line painting going across one of the walls by illustrator Jon Bugerman (No relation to the Burger King):

And the stuff surrounding the funny looking drawing of our favorite white box has more in common than you would first suspect: DDR was ported to the console in Japan, Half Life was on the Dreamcast at least in unreleased form, Metal Gear Solid was playable via one of the Bleem discs, and Cartman gave the console free adverting in an episode of South Park. Just ignore the mobile phone and X-Files thingys, they don't belong there.

The Game On Exhibit is on till some time in February, so make sure you hop over to the Science Museum in Londo (Gah, did it again. Darn you Fokker/Falcon!) while you still can, it's well worth he six quid to get in, if only for he six player Saturn Bomberman.


Next up, you have a personal art project by a clever soul who goes by the name of Lydia, that I found out about thanks to Kotaku. Now what could possibly be a better way of celebrating such a wonderful piece of machinery than this?

So what is it made of? Chocolate? WRONG. Believe it or not, this is actually made of Bronze. Yes, an actual size, SIX KILO Bronze re-creation of the controller. And what's more, the memory card and rumble pack are separate pieces too! If hat's how heavy a bronze controller would be, imagine what a bronze Arcade stick would be like! Hoo hoo! Check out the rest of the photos here, then imagine walking into a posh art museum and spotting this sitting on a stand.

So there you have it. Dreamcast? Art. Art? Dreamcast. Dreamart? Artcast? Monkey's with maracas.


fatherkrishna said...

So its confirmed then. The sublime design features and supreme stylisation are actual bonafide works of art... We all knew it deep in our souls but it took the Gagaman(n) to bring it to the attention of the masses!
And let me get this straight...You got to check out all this stuff as part of an educational trip? Your lecturers must know a good opportunity for a 'jolly' when they see one!
An excellent post, and now you're on a roll what about the FV2 review? Come on Gagaman(n), lets have the lowdown!!

Animated AF said...

Been pretty darn busy, saldy. I have lots to write about, but not the time to write it!

fatherkrishna said...

Ah! I'm not harassing you G-man... It's just that FV2 is one of my 'most wanted' DC games... along with Crimson Death OX and Daytona USA 2001... How dare you devote your time to furthering your personal education and gaining your degree whilst failing to meet ny personal needs!! (LOL!)
No worries, in your own time my brother!
On a personal note I'm on a high 'cos I've just acheived SICK SCORE (75,000 points) on Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2, my newest "favourite game"... (there's a new one every week- that's what comes of having a backlog of top DC titles I suppose...)
I feel that our patron TLC might have a bit of shore leave any time now... get your posts in before his 'Rocky' style comeback...
(To all readers, be sure to check out the Gagaman(n)'s links... they're awesome...)

Anonymous said...

We know, we know (the links are awesome), we also (now) know Dreamcast is art (whatever this means).



Caleb said...

Art! Awesome!

You gotta love it when people respect the beauty of that controller.

I wonder if it would be feasible to gold plate one of my VMUS and hang it around my neck.

Regardless. A very interesting post.

And I gotta break out my copy of Tony Hawk 2.


paullstanley said...

Check out my Dreamcast tribute poster I made with illustrator! http://www.itutorblog.com/2011/05/dreamcast-tribute/