DC Junkyard animation/video/intro type thing!

I've been meaning to put this short animation to use at some point for a while now. I made it quite a few months ago as an experiment while working on a stop motion film, and I've finally edited them into a video that introduces newcomers to the video site for the good old Junkyard.

I have plans to make improvements to the content posted at the video site (or as the case may be now, sites). From now on I'm not just uploading game play footage. I want it to be more than that. How about video reviews? Features such as Top tens? Think Screw Attack, only not as professionally done. Of course this idea might fall flat on it's face if I can't get around to sticking a microphone to me gob, so don't go getting your hopes up. If anyone wants to help out, feel free to contact me.


fatherkrishna said...

Right! That is just fucking absolutely amazing! I could sit here all night and watch that again and again and again!

In fact I think I will! Brilliant! Superb! Outstanding! (Add as many superlatives as you want...)

The only improvement could be an extended mix so I don't have to keep reloading it...

Gagaman(n) this is truly fucking fan-fucking-tastic!!!

I demand an equally impressive Saturn Junkyard promo! (Please..)


d.d. tinzeroes said...

y'know, if Sega had actually made Dreamcast commercials that looked like that, the DC would prob be still around.

Caleb said...

Awesome use of stop motion!

My friend also made the switch to Daily motion, that video looked alot better.

You have inspired me to create some media as well!

gnome said...

(picks jaw from floor)

Uhm.dfsgoew, ,.mgfr

(fixes it)

Brilliant, smart, artsy, fantastic and just bloody amazing!

Caleb said...

I did a very crappy video after watching this one.

Next time I will have to work a bit longer and have a better idea if I want to create a video half as cool as yours.


Animated AF said...

Are you kidding? That video you posted was bloody brilliant! When I was saying new video content, that was the kind of stuff I was thinking of! More, more!

Caleb said...


Shit dude I gotta actually write something proper up and film it.

Anonymous said...

Nice! I like it.

Tom Charnock said...

that's an ace video mate! I watched it on a free internet thingy in portsmouth and it had really loud sound and everything! I watched it and then played it again and walked off...the people will know the name DREAMCAST!