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The Talented Mr Tom

Presenting the world's most impressive Dreamcast-flavoured desktop wallpaper:

Look! It's got (a slightly Spock-like) Ryo! It's got Ryu! It's got some dude from Phantasy Star Online! It's got Sonic! It's got that twatting cat from Chu Chu Rocket! And some Mice!

In a word: Kick Ass. Ok, two words.

My advice? put it on your laptop and then sit with your back to the window in Starbucks (or Cafe Nero - we don't do product placement here at the Junkyard) so that everyone walking past and nosing at your screen can see that you are keeping it real...keeping it Dreamcast. Just don't do it in Manchester. Laptops and street lynchings go hand in hand round these parts.

Anyhow, it was created by a rather talented chap called Tom (I'm seeing a link here, people) and displayed at his site, www.2dforever.com.

And for those people who are a bit thick (or, you know, just not familiar with the DC), here is a guide to all of the characters on the picture above:

This guy is seriously talented though - check out this SNK-esque drawing of Sonic:

Go there now and admire his other Sega and general video game related scribbles.


gnome said...

Majorly impressive stuff. This guy should try working in pr0n industry though...

fatherkrishna said...

Very lovely DC visuals indeed. A worthy find and post TLC!

Caleb said...

Very cool.

I was able to figure out who everyone was except the mice from Chu Chu Rocket (a game I have yet to play)

I got a background now!


Unknown said...

Amazing! This guy is great!!!

Caleb said...


'caps was on by accident.

Animated AF said...

Just so you blokes know, I plan to get back into making more of my big and juicy articles (along with some new video stuff) from June, after all this coursework has been sorted.

Animated AF said...

Another unrelated to this topic post!

Just won the following games on Ebay:

King of Fighters 2002
Sega Rally 2 (Japanese version, don't ask)
Typing of the Dead (own it already on PC, but eh)
Room Mania #203