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New Freeware Dreamcast Game - Neverball

A new Dreamcast port "Neverball" is being released in it's alpha version.

It looks and feels alot like Monkeyball so if you like those types of games it might be worth a CD-R. Here's a video of someone getting beat down while playing. It takes nerves of steel to play this game...

Here is the download link from the DCEmu website. Please note this game is still in it's preliminary stage so expect some bugs. It's in .CDI format so you will need Discjuggler, Alcohol 120 or Bootdreams to burn it.

As a bonus video here is a look at the PS controller converter. It takes note that the PS Guncon, fishing controller and twin stick will not work on the Dreamcast even with the converter. I just thought this video was interesting. Some day I will have to invest some cash in a PS2/DC converter for the dance mat.


Animated AF said...

Funny that, I just saw that Chinese (I presume, I know it's not Japanese though) video a little while ago. That account has dozens of videos showing off different DC software and hardware, including the Dream Eye camera.

Caleb said...

...I r being stu-pid.

Yeah they uploaded a bunch of them.

I though the PS/DC converter was the best because of the big red X's they put through the PS accessories that don't work in the Dreamcast.

fatherkrishna said...

Excellent post! Brilliant videos...
That game looks bloody difficult!

NebachadnezzaR said...

Fock, that game looks bloody difficult indeed!

I've never been too fond of Monkey Ball or it's gameplay, but I think that a Wii version could be interesting.