Cool intro video for "Dynamite Dreams"

And the hits keep coming!

ANOTHER new game coming out for the Dreamcast.

If you have played the demo for Alice Dreams you will recognize this game. I think it started out as a mini-game for AD and got more and more popular. In any case it is gonna get released in 2008.
Holy crap this video is sweet.

Wow! VMU Support! There are actually modes where using the VMU is a big part of the game. FINALLY!

Hmm. Bombs, Mazes, 4 players, and sweet looking graphics.

F34r Teh b()mbz


gnome said...

Blimey! It IS undead... Love the video too...

NebachadnezzaR said...

Hmm...just a Bomberman rip-off or is there something new?

Anonymous said...

its pretty much a bomberman clone, it would be better just to get Bomberman Online.

Caleb said...

I agree that it looks pretty much like bomberman gameplay but i hope that the Alice Dreams team managed to put in some gimmicks that will spice up the game a bit.

Did bomberman Online have VMU compatibility?

'Cause the whole "screen goes black and you have to use the VMU to see" thing seems pretty cool.

Has anyone had a chance to play the game yet? An early version is on the Alice 3 Demo.

I actually have the Alice demo 3 and I have yet to use the codes to play the Demo of this game.

In any case I hope they eventually finish Alice Dreams. Thats more of an adventure/side scrolling game.

fatherkrishna said...

Why the debate??? This looks fecking awesome!!!!

VMU compatability!! OUTRAGEOUS!!!

Well done the Alice Dreams team....

Just imagine what Dreamcast homebrew will look like in ten years!

Crazy Taxi 12 anyone?