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Dreamcast News for the end of the week.

Only two items today.

#1. There *might* be a remake of Shenmue 1 and 2 on the Wii.

Pulled from Sega Nerds.

Swedish Magazine 'Game Reactor’ has printed a rumor about a remake of the two Dreamcast games on the Wii. Considering the Wii's setup this might actually work out pretty decent. Motion controlled extra content?

I know alot of gamers in the US will want to get their hands on this since the *good* version of Shenmue 2 only came out in Europe. If this does happen and somehow becomes massively popular it could also lead to the development of Shenmue 3. *could*

#2. Every single Japanese Dreamcast game for sale, sealed!

Pulled from Racketboy

606 games,including all Dorikore reprints, all games in “deluxe version” when they were released as normal AND deluxe versions!” …. “Games are BRAND NEW, FACTORY SEALED, all CD case sized ones protected with extra plastic bag from dust&stuff!It will take you YEARS of collecting& searching, like me, to find all of them!”

Wow. It's amazing that someone would take the time to collect all these games then turn around and sell them.

So if you happen to have an extra 20 grand lying around collecting dust this might be your lucky day...


Animated AF said...

How can you own 606 Dreamcast games and not play a single one of them? What a loon..

Caleb said...

He was probably the type of loon who bought doubles as play copies I assume...wgjzbt

NebachadnezzaR said...

Argh, I was about to post that but you beat me to it ;)

#1 - Unlike with other remakes of Sega games, I'm not really liking this one. I don't know, it just feels wrong in some way for such a unique game to be in a console aimed for the casual market and with a game library filled with shovelware.

Still, if this is just a way to promote the game and gather more fans and money to start making Shenmue III, it has my approval.

#2 - That's just...wow...so many games...

Geek joke: if instead of 606 there were 404 it would be an error LOL :P

Caleb said...

"Geek joke: if instead of 606 there were 404 it would be an error"

NebachadnezzaR you almost used up all your geek humor allowance for the entire month with that comment.

NebachadnezzaR said...

Hehe, it was worth it :D

Animated AF said...

I don't believe in this "casual gamer" term that has been over used in the last few years, but Shenmue not being unique to the Dreamcast (excluding the sequel) anymore would feel rather odd. Still, if it helps them make a bit more of the money back they lost making that game in the first place, it might be so bad.

Anonymous said...

If they were making a new Shenmue game, but no Sega's sticking to recycling all of their games onto the Wii. I might buy it, though I already own Shenmue, and I've got a copy of Shenmue II coming in the mail.

fatherkrishna said...

You might be unsurprised to learn that I would buy it in a heartbeat and on the day of release. (The second game I played on mt 360 was Shenmue II, which I bought even when I had no console to play it on...)It would thrill me to know it really was coming to the Wii - RE4 proved that the Wiimote works really well for QTEs. Plus, like Gagaman(n) I'd like to see Sega
recoup some losses. Finally anything that brings these stellar titles to the masses and could potentially spur on Shenmue III has got to be a good thing...

Don't forget Nebacha that I was primarily a casual gamer who's love for the medium got stronger and stronger over the last few years. I like the idea of people getting into games on any level.

Plus, the old Dreamcast had it's fair share of casual games, crappy ports and shovelware!