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Read about 24 hours of Dreamcast

Sorry I have not been posting very much. I have been working overtime! Now that work is calming down a bit I will try to blog a bit more.

Luckily the rest of our contributors have been doing a much better job of it!

Anyways, I am somewhat pissed off that my job made me miss out on an excellent 24 hour Dreamcast event!

The people over at http://www.ihaveadreamcast.com/ played the Dreamcast for 24 straight hours and did a live feed!

I may have missed out on the live feed but the blog itself is fun reading if you are bored.

I might have to record the next video game event I organize and show off my own dreamcast skills.


マーティン said...

I watched it last night and it was pretty cool.

Highlights for me were:

Crazy Taxi (haven't seen it in ages and the music brought back so many memories. They were crap though - couldn't get over a C)

Illbleed (just because it was ace)

Virtua Tennis (some amazing rallies going on. Great to watch.

They need to get powerstone 2 and a few other key games... either that, or we do one, with better games =D

Animated AF said...

I watched a good 5 hours of it, about the same time Martin was as we were both ordering them about on the chat page! They wouldn't have played up to the Sonic boss in Illbleed otherwise! =)

NebachadnezzaR said...

I can't believe I forgot about that... Damn... Well, I guess we have to do something like that someday :)