Dreamcast Happenings in the Seventh Gen World

Being a Dreamcast fan, it's easy to stick to the impressive library of 680+ games. However, many Dreamcasters have probably felt the pressure to buy into current gen consoles. I'll admit, a year after the Dreamcast was declared "dead" I gave into the promise of new Sega games for the Playstation and Xbox consoles. Now nine years into relying on other consoles for Sega goodness, Dreamcast fans can pretty much agree that the glory days of the red/blue/orange swirl have not completely returned. Despite this, there has always been the occasional Dreamcast related treat given to us by Sega.

Over the past few days a couple of Dreamcast tidbits have popped up in the current gen world. The first of which is the rather exciting rumor of Sonic Adventure releasing on the 360's game download service. The rumor began at SegaOnline.nl in a news story about an anonymous source revealing that Sonic's first 3D adventure is set for XBLA (and maybe PSN?). While rumors should be taken with a grain of salt, since the story launched SegaOnline.nl has had to take the news posting offline. Intriguing! Perhaps they said something that Sega did not want to be heard... yet.

A possible photo of a test screen.

Another Dreamcast related happening hit the 'net today, and it is as far from a rumor as you can get. It's a confirmation of Space Channel 5's Ulala and Crazy Taxi's B.D. Joe appearing in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing! While Ulala was a given, B.D. Joe certainly was a surprise! Take a look at the trailer below:

With four more characters yet to be confirmed and thirteen unseen courses, Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing is definitely a game to watch for Dreamcast stars of old. In celebration of B.D. Joe and Sonic Adventure, enjoy this classic advert (B.D. Joe is at the 20 second mark):


Tom Charnock said...

Intriguing speculation there Barry. I also must admit to having bought into many a console since the demise of our beloved DC. Xbx, PS2, Gamecube, X360 - I've had em all. It's been noted many times here at the 'Yard before, but surely to continuing appearance of DC games and characters says a lot about the lasting appeal of the system.

Barry the Nomad said...

Plus when the kiddies see the "Japanese man in the leather jacket", they'll want to know more about him and thus will be introduced to the awesome power of Shenmue. :)

Animated AF said...

The rest of the characters have been leaked from people looking deep into the website. Close your eyes if you don't want spoilers!


Akira and Jacky (from Virtua Fighter), the Bonanza Bros (seriously!), Opa Opa (Fantasy Zone) and Chu Chu Rocket!


Right, you can open your eyes now.

A Moomintroll said...

Chu Chu Rocket, Really?

Barry the Nomad said...

Close your eyes!


Jacky is rumored to be in the OutRun Ferrari. The Ferrari can be seen in short glimpses at the official websites transition screens.


Open eyes again. The last time the above characters have all been together was in Ryo's pocket. Ryo really must be tripping.

A Moomintroll said...

Segas Flickr has screenshots of Froggy and that purple cat thing and Beat from jsr in it.

Henry McHenry said...

Yup, like millions of gamers I also had to "move on" from the DC. It's true in today's economy you can own more than one console, however my #1 choice was the Xbox then the Xbox 360. Hopefully this is just a transition and Sega will someday get back into the hardware business, at least an alliance with Micro$oft or Sony.

Long life to the Dreamcast.