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Rush Rush Rally Racing Regular Edition Sold Out! So many "R"s so few copies!

The hardcore arcade driving game has revved it's engine and disappeared into the sunset!

Luckily for all Dreamcast fans the special


I just thought I would make a note for all the people who might be late to the party on this one.

Original story pulled from DC Emu UK.


Barry the Nomad said...

Play Asia still has them too. I'll probably be getting the deluxe version from them.

I was at VideoGamesNewYork over the weekend and they had a load of the standard editions for $30 (available from their website as well) and the deluxe editions for the inflated price of $60.

The Coolinator said...

Hi all,

This is amazing. I'm so happy for the Senile team. Anyone know how well W&W: Puzzle battle did? I remember that they sold out of stock the first time around too at Play-Asia.

Animated AF said...

Great to see these new indie games do so well, especially if it means we can expect more in the future.

Barry the Nomad said...

I'm still waiting for YuanWorks Little Ninja, a platformer with beautiful pixel art. I hope it isn't dead.

Anthony817 said...

I heard that YuanWorks Little Ninja was waiting on W&W to do good to see if it was forthwhile for them to publish it.

I hope they make it retail, as it looks like a great sidescroller game!

Anthony817 said...

I meant "worthwhile"!

Barry the Nomad said...

Well then, if that's the case then perhaps W&W is in need of some more DCJY love. I'm surprised there are DC owners who don't have W&W, it's really the best puzzle game on the Dreamcast. Yes, even better than Chu Chu Rocket in my opinion.

Unknown said...

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