Dreamcast Gets Number One Slot in PC Mag's 10 Best Video Game Console List


It's a well deserved #1 position.

"Sega pulled the plug on the Dreamcast a year and a half after its debut, due financial difficulties and gamer interest in the coming PlayStation 2, but, in its brief run, it was the greatest video game console of all time."

I am not sure why the iPhone was considered for this list since the number of good games for it can be counted on one hand.


Chard said...

Dreamcast at #1. Nice!

allthough I do doubt the overall validity of the ranking, as they chose the Genesis over the SNES. D:!

zilti said...

Hmm it's nice to see the Dreamcast on top, but I can't take this list serious because Apple is on it.

Eyz said...

Richard> I do have a preference over the Megadrive myself :P
Not just because I'm a Sega Nerd at heart, but because of the overall experience of both 16 bit systems.
I always found the impression closer to the actual arcades.
Plus the music's always sounded a bit strange for me on the Snes, like underwater or something, the Megadrive directly playing the sound a bit more agressive (trying to describe my impression here).

Nice for the Dream!

A Moomintroll said...

Nice, another trophy for the Dreamcast to add to the cabinet.

But the idea of a best 10 consoles of all time is a pointless one, they're all so different, and considering that consoles improve technically every gen, without the nostalgia goggles on, it could just be a list of the most recent consoles.

Barry the Nomad said...

I wouldn't be so hard on the iPhone. I have an iPod Touch and own about 20 great games on it. I do, however, agree that it does not belong on this list. It's a handheld, if anything. Not a console.


Tom Charnock said...

Yeah, a list of consoles is a bit pointless these days - most electrical gizmos with a screen can play games so where does the classification 'console' begin and end? Having a phone on there opens the door for other devices such as the Palm Pre, Nokia N900 etc. But yeah - huzzah for Dreamcast!