Sonic Generations to Travel Back to the Dreamcast Era!

Every SEGA and Sonic fan should know about Sonic Generations by now, so I'll spare you the description. If you don't know what it is, check out the press release and official trailer. The game is sounding insanely awesome, probably the most exciting 3D Sonic game since Sonic Adventure. While current gameplay videos and screens are all about Green Hill Zone, various preview articles and interviews are popping up that reveal a bit of info that might be of interest to Dreamcast fans. Gamespot's preview reports:

The game will be set across the three defining eras--the 2D Mega Drive/Genesis era, the Dreamcast era, and the modern-day HD graphics era

Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 stages remixed in HD and featuring 2D Sonic sections?! Exciting! I would assume that both games would have one stage each represented in Generations. Personally, I could see Speed Highway and City Escape as the most likely candidates. Emerald Coast, while a defining stage of Sonic Adventure, has too much in common with Green Hill Zone. Meanwhile, Speed Highway was one of the most iconic stages of the game, appearing in countless commercials and ad campaigns. Who can forget this moment:

Yes, I know this is the XBLA version, relax.
As for Sonic Adventure 2, City Escape is very likely. Not only because it was a defining stage of the game, but also earlier this year musician Tony Harnell (vocalist from “We Can” and “It Doesn’t Matter”) let slip on Facebook that he was heading to the studio to record a new version of the Sonic Adventure 2 track “Escape From The City”. Since then, nothing has been seen or heard of this rerecording. It doesn't even look like it would be on the upcoming rerelease of the Sonic Adventure 2 soundtrack. So what does this mean? Either the new recording will be in an upcoming anniversary album OR it was for Sonic Generations. We shall see.

In the comments section, let us know what Adventure stages you'd like to see return in Generations.


Eyz said...

Looking great, right!?
Can't wait! :D

Some little, tiny throwback to Shuffle would be great too. (but I can't imagine it making the cut..)

Animated AF said...

Spoiled for choices for zones from Adventure 1: Sky Deck, Red Mountain, Twinkle Park, Speed Highway, Emerald Coast, Windy Valley...that game was full of imaginative worlds. I suspect they might do Ice cap as they could combine elements from both the Adventure and Sonic 3 versions of that zone.

But for Sonic Adventure 2 while I enjoyed a lot of Sonic and Shadows levels the locations in terms of art design were pretty uninspired and the themes have been done better in other Sonic games, though City Escape seems to be a shoe in at this point which is fine by me. Metal Harbor could work nicely too.

Unknown said...

Didn't know how to send in a news tip to the DCJunkyard, so I thought I'd use the comments section. Check out this Play for Japan SEGA auction for the "ultimate" Dreamcast bundle. I have to admit, it is pretty dang impressive! Makes me wish I had more lucre to spare!

Andrew said...

NZ17, I want I want I want.