Lisa Foiles Wore an Awesome Dreamcast Shirt.

Who says there was no Dreamcast news at E3?

Lisa Foiles looks really excellent with her new hairstyle and Dreamcast Tshirt. (Now does she make the shirt look good or does the shirt make her look better?) Kudos to her! This and her interview with Spoony about the new Startrek game totally make up for her hanging out with that degenerate Tim Rogers. (It doesn't, however, excuse her for putting a video game console on a carpeted floor in that one video she did. Jebus Lisa! You should know better.)

This is probably a a bit of a stretch to create an article about but honestly I didn't hear any other Dreamcast related news at this years E3. Well besides Keith Apicary probably asking someone about the Dreamcast 2 again. (Keep on believing the Dream Keith!)

Watch Lisa's E3 video at Kotaku. (Warning does contain images of Tim Rogers. Just try to focus on the shirt and ignore him)


Daniel said...

She is so cute! I wonder if I could get the wife to wear one of these.

A Moomintroll said...

Umm...I'd press her buttons anyday. Fna fna.

..or something like that, sorry it had to be done.

Mc said...

Where can i get one of these to my girlfriend?? We both are DC lovers!!! Jet Set Radio Ruuuules!!

fatherkrishna said...

I'm wondering if I'm a latent homosexual because I don't find her at all attractive. I sometimes think that us geeks set our sights too low!

Anonymous said...

I'd sure like tot press the buttons on that pad :D