Guy on Reddit Finds a Dreamcast in the Trash

Amazing find. Among other games he got a copy of D2, one of the hardest games to make copies of. And TWO lightguns!

There are some excellent comments.



pcwzrd13 said...

Who would throw out a perfectly working Dreamcast?! That fiend!

Barry the Nomad said...

I don't get why anybody would trash a working video game system. It's not an old TV or a VCR that was antiquated thanks to HDTV and video discs. Even if you get a Wii which renders a GameCube useless, or a PS2 which makes a PS1 useless, you can trade/sell the old console. But trash it? :P

Way to go on this guy's part!

A Moomintroll said...

That's nothing.
I found a working sega rally arcade machine in the deep end of my local swimming pool.

Caleb said...

Once in college someone threw out a Genesis.

But I thought that it was just sitting there while someone was moving. The idea that someone would just get rid of a working Genesis never crossed my mind.

It was only later in life that I realized that people actually throw out working electronics!

Anthony817 said...

God! This irks my Texan ass to no end! Why trash a perfectly great console, and one of the quirkiest games for the system all at the same time?

That is a double fail!

I owned D2 back in the day, and got rid of it before beating it, still when the system was relevant. One of the biggest mistakes of my life!

I still refuse to burn an 8 disc backup of that game to this day cause it is best played on 4 GDRom disc's.

One day, when I get a spare $30, I will buy it. One day.

We live in a word of DUMB consumers, its all about, Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, Trash, Trash, Trash!

Why buy something, and pay $50 for it brand new, or for systems, $200, and then just throw them to the wayside after you had your fill, or think they are "Obsolete"?

It makes absolutely no sense at all.

Most folks, honestly don't have any idea at all that people still buy this old stuff, so it is not their fault, they are just naturally ignorant, and ignorant does not mean dumb, it rather means misinformed more or less.

If I tell anybody I play Dreamcast, or any other retro systems more than current ones for that matter, they laugh their heads off at me...

I am sure it is the same with you guys, they totally disrespect us and our hobby. I mean, after all, we are trying to preserve history, and have fun in the meantime.

Ok guys, end of drunken rant, but I think you all feel the same way as I, lest you would be playing newer system exclusively.

Peace out, it is up to us to keep the Dream alive, and you all know we are doing our part, so we can do nothing more.

Hardak said...

I'm envious and suspicious at the same time.
It doesn't make sense no matter how many times I try and wrap my head around it.


Can't be real, this guy is bullshitting so hard. If he's not then he will have an amazing story he can pass down for many Sega fans to enjoy for generations to come.