New Gunlord trailer and release date of 14th June!

NG: Dev Team have released a new trailer for their upcoming run and gunner Gunlord. Once again we get tons of gameplay footage (which if you rather be surprised by some of the level and enemy elements you may wanna skip through like I did) as well as the hilarious opening cut scene. You'll see what I mean. The release date is now confirmed for June 14th. Rather looking forward to this!

In other news Redspotgames have also announced that they can get back to work on Strumwind now that they have solved the issues they had with the production. So that's two DC games for 2012 on the way still! :)


Barry the Nomad said...

Really excited for this one, and the June release is well timed. Can't think of any games that I'll be waiting for that month, so GunLord owns June.

Nearly forgot about Strumwind!

DCGX said...

Maybe well timed. I'll probably be in the middle of moving across the country. At least it's a firm release date.