Gunlord release date!

Just got an e-mail from NG.DEV.TAm about the release date for Gunlord! There are also reprints of Fast Striker and Last Hope pink Bullets on the way, in case you missed out on those before. Here's what the e-mail said.

finally after a long wait we can announce the official release dates for the Dreamcast versions of Gunlord.

Newcomer Bundle DC      21.06.2012
Gunlord DC Limited Edition  21.06.2012
Gunlord DC Double Bundle  21.06.2012
Gunlord DC Regular Edition 21.06.2012

The collector's edition needs a few days more time due to more complex packaging and printing. The three movie size posters of the CE are shipped separately a week or two later rolled in tubes.

Gunlord DC "Dragon Box" Collector's Edition [CE]  25.06.2012


Fast Striker 1.5 DC Regular Edition [Reprint]    19.06.2012
Last Hope Soundtrack Bundle      19.06.2012
Last Hope Pink Bullets DC [Reprint]      19.06.2012
 Looks like Gunlord will be the first 2012 release for the Dreamcast in gamers hands! Looking forward to it!


DCGX said...

My copy has shipped! I, like pretty much everyone, can't wait to play it!

Ederson Pena said...

I received the e-mail!

My order has shiped!

Barry the Nomad said...

Just ordered the LE version! I'll record an unboxing unless gagaman beats me to it.

Animated AF said...

It arrived for me this morning, so hopefully I will get time to do an unopening video sometime today! :)

DCGX said...

Damn that was fast, though you're only across the channel from mainland Europe. I hope the US orders get here this week. I'm itching to play it.