Some DC Racing Goodness from Classic Game Room

Classic Game Room, still the most constantly updated video review channel that's actually good, has been doing quite a handful of videos as of late of Dreamcast games, in particular it's many racing games.

First up, Metropolis Street Racer! This was without a doubt one of those games you were either sucked into for months, or like me just didn't get time to dedicate to it so just cheated by finding a complete save file to muck about in it.

Next up..Speed Devils! I think he is mostly right about it being a bit on the dull side, but it's still kind of fun and has plenty to do in it. Of course there are much better racers on the system but if you have played all the best already this is one of the better of the rest, as it were.

Finally the most recent is this one for Daytona USA 2001. I have to agree with what he says about the controls: they are very twitchy and a bit tricky to get used to compared to the Saturn and DLC versions of the game, but it's still well worth owning for all the extras and whatnot. Also at the end of this video we are teased that Classic game Room will soon be reviewing more indie games such as Last Hope and Gunlord!


straitJacket said...

Funny that I only just watched that particular MSR review earlier today.
You may be interested that I came across, during today's youtube travels, another MSR review (a dreamcast game that's often overlooked, even though it was big news in it's day) and a video highlighting the interesting import Cosmic Smash:

Greg Wilcox said...

I'm hoping they get to two of the best DC racers, Test Drive Le Mans and Test Drive V-Rally. Both are great fora few reasons. You cna actually do a 24-hour race in TDLM (I've done it three times over the years and it's a total zen-fest), and V-Rally has a great track edit feature that allows users to whip up some impressive (or impossible) rally courses.

Animated AF said...

I beleive Classic game room did a review of Le mans 24 Hours a few years ago, not sure about V Rally though.