13th Anniversary of 9/9/99

13 years since the Dreamcast launched in America. On October 14th it will be the same anniversary for when us Euros got it, and on November 27th, it will be the 14th Anniversary of when it launched in Japan. To think in just over a years time the Dreamcast will have been a purchasable item for 15 years. That's pretty crazy, and makes me feel a bit old.

Sadly, I won't be able to do a Dreamcast livestream marathon today, simply because I'm not at home. However if I get time to I will make sure I do one marathon this year, wherever I'll do it on the PAL launch anniversary or the Japanese one I'm not sure yet, but will let you know when I do.

If you really wanna check out a livestream of Dreamcast games today, there will be one run by Blazehedgehog in about 9 hours from now over at Let's LIVE Videogame. He has a list up of games he owns and intends to play there. There is also going to be a 12 hours marathon over at Cornerb0y's twitch.tv account too, and I am sure there are bound to be others going on over the next day or so (if you are doing one, let us know and we'll edit the link into this post).

Pcwzrd13 did a livestream yesterday, which you can watch a back up of here, if you want your Dreamcast livestream gaming right NOW.

I didn't want to go without doing anything for the anniversary, though, so I do have something for you guys.

This is Dee Cee. I designed this character some time back to replace my stealing borrowing of Casko the Dreamcast girl for future Dreamcast Junkyard videos, and have today finally got around to drawing the character in Illustrator and building it up in Flash so it's animate-able. Did a quick idle animation thing for Dee Cee below!

Hopefully I'll find a video use for Dee Cee in the near future. maybe I should make a orange variant as well, now I think about it. Update: here we are, for the American and Japanese Dreamcasters:


Marcone Antelius said...

I missed it yesterday. Complete forgot about it. I hate myself now. :(
To rectify this, I'll dedicate the entire day to playing the DC today.

Jon said...

My podcast (Fantastic Neighborhood) did a special Dreamcast episode, this week, to celebrate 9/9/99. We would appreciate any attention you could throw our way, and would gladly reciprocate. http://www.fantasticneighborhood.com/?p=898

Dr. Bilal said...

That looks like the original Playstation with a Dreamcast logo, champ.

Animated AF said...

Really? Maybe it's head is not square enough?