The Dreamcast Premiere Press Kit

I was looking around on eBay a few weeks ago and stumbled across a rather unusual article from the Dreamcast's history. There were no bids and only a couple of days left, so I stuck a cheeky bid of a few pounds on said item. As the timer counted down, I thought I was going to score a massive win and acquire a piece of memorabilia I had personally never heard of before. I was wrong. Within the last few minutes, the bids came in thick and fast and even though I threw caution to the wind and put a whopping £35 on such a frivolous item...the auction ended at almost £60! What is this mystery object?  This:

The Dreamcast Premiere Press Kit. From the blurb in the auction and from the text shown in the photos I have cunningly deduced that the Premiere set comprised of a music CD, a booklet detailing Dreamcast peripherals and upcoming games, and also a copy of Dream On 3. The set appears to have been given away to members of the gaming press to celebrate a year since the Dreamcast's UK launch, and is a really nice-looking little curio. Alas, there were collectors out there with deeper pockets than mine - which isn't hard, to be honest - and it would have been cool to actually own this item and do a proper feature on it...but cest la vie.


BlueSwirl said...

I'v got a copy of this, the Premiere disc is a CD-ROM that just has artwork from 27 various games plus some unreleased games such as Agartha, Black and White, Gunvalky, and Half Life, these include screenshots, artwork, pack shots and logos.

The other disc is Dreamon Collection 3 and the booklet is kind of a full coloured printed version of all the artwork on the the premiere disc with game info.

DreamcastUK said...

Hi, it's back on eBay for a buy it now around £60