Abandoned Dreamcast Needs A Home

Once upon a time, a guy out walking in the woods finds an abandoned Dreamcast amongst the grass and bushes covered in mud, leaves and - quite possibly - dog excrement. What happens next is just pure magic, and - I won't lie - brought a single, swirl-shaped tear to this gamer's eye. Click here for the full story, as detailed on imgur.
Thanks to friend of the Junkyard PCwzrd13 for the heads up - be sure to check out his YouTube channel for some great Dreamcast and general gaming-related content.


pcwzrd13 said...

Thanks for the shout-out man! I just thought this was amazing. The thing looks brand new now and on top of it all, it actually still works! Try throwing a modern console into the woods and see how it fares! Haha!

Tom Charnock said...

You're welcome mate - thanks for sharing the story! I have to admit I was a little dubious as to whether it was genuine, but either way it's still a nice tale! These word verification things are a nightmare aren't they? I'd turn them off but then we get loads of spam comments!!

nocarpayment said...

Nice read lol. Nothing like this but i found a DC in my old house. It was in a small overnight suitcase. For the life i cant recall how it came to be there. Its now my primary unit since my launch DC doesnt read games too well anymore.