Fur Fighters' Hidden Artwork

OK, so this isn't really the type of thing you'd call Nathan Drake in for but I only discovered it by accident. My laptop just happened to be on a desk next to my big carry case of Dreamcast games the other day so I decided to mindlessly pop a few of the GDs into the optical drive to see if there was anything interesting in the way of bonus content on them.

I was aware that some games (such as Shenmue and Shenmue 2) do have folders of images and other bonuses on them, but I didn't know about Fur Fighters. If you're unfamiliar with the name, Fur Fighters is a third person shooter from Bizarre Creations and is a rather excellent little game...and if you put the disc in your computer, you'll find a folder on there that's full of exclusive artwork.

The art is mainly concept designs for levels and characters, and it all looks quite lovely. Not a massive story, I know - but a cool find nonetheless and it makes me want to go through my entire collection looking for more hidden bonuses left behind for the inquisitive gamer.


Unknown said...

This is very interesting! I love this game. Thanks for writing this interesting little article.

way2easy said...

Way cool. Does anyone have a list of games with extra stuff on the discs? It'd definitely be cool to get a list going so I can dreamcast-up the old pc.