New Dreamcast Game Hermes Available For Pre-order

Indie studio Retroguru have produced some interesting games for the Dreamcast, with puzzler Fruit'Y landing on the system a couple of years ago. Now they're back with Hermes - a jump and run style platformer where you control a chef trying to catch a chicken so you can grill it. Beats rescuing princesses from castles, I guess. Like Fruit'Y before it, Hermes will come to Dreamcast in physical form with a modest price tag of €15 and can be pre-ordered at DragonBox now. US Dreamcast owners will be able to grab the game from The Bit Station once it's released in late August. Check out the trailer below, or head to Retroguru for more information on Hermes. Naturally, we'll have a full review as soon as we can get our hands on a copy!

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FlorreW said...

Looking forward to the review ! I preordered this hsme 2 days ago, i suppose its just as good as their other games and they are really fun (dont let graphics decide if a game is fun or not! Actually i like the retrostyle but a game is all about gameplay) I want to thank Retroguru team as well for making the games available to Dreamcast (hopefully this is not the last one). Thanks