Flashback For Dreamcast Will Ship With Even More Bonus Content

We recently reviewed the upcoming Dreamcast port of Delphine Software's incredible science fiction adventure title Flashback, and we found that it was most excellent. A sort of amalgamation of the best bits of all the other ports out there, JoshProd's newly compiled and officially sanctioned Flashback ticked all the boxes for this nostalgia-loving gamer. One of the most impressive aspects of the overall package (apart from the fact that Flashback is an awesome game, period) is that it has a host of bonus features which are exclusive to the Dreamcast version. Graphics filters, extended cinematic sequences and even the original 16-bit versions in both PAL and NTSC flavours are all included.
There has been a bit of concern in the Dreamcast community about the continued delay of the release of Flashback, with those who have ordered it online being quite vocal about the fact that it was due to ship in September, but here we are in November and it still hasn't been released. Well, we can reveal that the game is now due to ship imminently if you bought the PAL boxed version, with the NTSC boxed versions due a mere matter of weeks later. And the reason for the delay?

Added bonus content in the form of alternative soundtrack options and the inclusion of the pre-rendered cut scenes from the PC version of the original game:
Original intro
CD-ROM intro
Original Holocube
CD-ROM Holocube
Original hologram message
CD-ROM hologram message
Original Death Tower intro
CD-ROM Death Tower intro
Original gimme tickets
CD-ROM gimme tickets
Original starship sequence
CD-ROM starship sequence
Nestled in the (redesigned) options menu of Flashback, there is now a toggle for which type of cinematics and soundtrack you'd like to play the game with, and a reliable source tells us that this '2017' soundtrack will also feature in the upcoming Nintendo Switch port of Flashback. In some ways, the original cutscenes feel more in keeping with the visual style of the game proper, however it is nice to have to option to view the pre-rendered sequences.

Have you ordered Flashback? Are you excited by these new bonus features? Let us know in the comments or in our Facebook group or on Twitter. You can also find our review here.

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