The Original Quake and Doom are soon to be playable Online with DreamPi

The man responsible for bringing the vast majority of Dreamcast games back online with DreamPi, Shuouma has announced, he will soon release versions of Quake and Doom compatible with dial up online play via DreamPi.
While fan-made Dreamcast ports of both Quake and Doom have been around for years now, and Dreamcast Online has helped support Doom online play via the broadband adapter, this will be the first time our community is able play Doom via DreamPi, and Quake online in any form.

The announcement was made on the Dreamcast Live forum this week, where he told fans he had been successful in implementing online features to both games. Unsurprisingly, the PC player found online during testing was rather shocked to discover his adversary was using a Sega Dreamcast.
"The guy on the server was kinda "WHAT!" when I told him I played from my DC."
While no specific release date has been given as of yet, going by this forum post, and the speed at which Shuouma has completed similar projects in the past, it wouldn't be unreasonable to expect to see fragging commence in the coming months, or even weeks.

As always, Shuouma and the rest of the DreamPi guys, we salute you!

If you'd like to learn more about the online Dreamcast scene, head over to Dreamcast Live for more information. You can purchase a DreamPi for yourself from their online store.


Unknown said...

Seriously, Shuouma is unstoppabld! We need to clone him XD

Anthony817 said...

Wow while I knew about the DOOM project from Reddit I had no idea he was working on Quake too! I wonder why he doesn't try making the Titanium Studios port work online instead of Makaqu? The Titanium Studios port was running on Windows CE, and had hardware acceleration. Makaqu doesn't and looks much worse graphically when we know the Dreamcast can render this game so much better.

You can even find an edited "10th Anniversary edition" version of their port that was modded to work with mods and other features.

Somebody please let the guy know there is a much better option for Quake lol.

FlorreW said...

This is excellent news, im hoping it will support the bba. Anyway, thanks Shuouma , please continue your good work !

hoogafanter said...

I can't even try to care about Quake as we already have the far superior Quake 3, but I'm so excited about DOOM is hurts! Shuouma is a hero we can't even possibly deserve!

Anthony817 said...

Mods man, Quake 1 can be modded in a million different ways and people could release indie games in the engine with working online support. So thst is a plus. Also in fact a game is being built with it right now that plans to be a retail indie game called Rizzo Island.

Unknown said...

Will Quake work with the BBA?

Segasocks said...

I am currently ported Half Life 2 to the Spirit of Speed engine if anyone is interested in beta testing for me?