Dreamcast Collectors Unite! Exploring your collections - Part 2

In the Dreamcast Junkyard's now 15 year pursuit of all things related to Sega's last console, we've featured many a topic - we've had nostalgic trips down memory lane, a pursuit for the Dreamcast barber, interviews with some of the biggest names, 70+ episodes of a podcast; you name it, we've (probably) done it. But none of that would of been possible, without people like you reading our sometimes rambling thoughts. Like us, many of you live and breath the Dreamcast, and we thought, during these rather unprecedented and surreal times we live in, what better way to celebrate our collective passion, than to throw the doors open to some of your very own Junkyards, for us all to admire.

And so here we are, with part 2 of our 'Dreamcast Collectors Unite!' article series. Last time out, we featured 4 fantastic, passionate Dreamcast fans as they allowed us a glimpse of their cherished possessions, collections that would put many of us to shame. But we also wanted to highlight those collectors who have gone that extra mile in amassing their collections, whether it be through sheer volume, or through dedication to a particular sub-set of the Dreamcast collecting journey. The 'Super Collectors', as we now are going to call them. And today, we feature our first.

Come with us as we take a somewhat mesmerising journey into the console, controller and toy collection of a man called Brian...

Hello fellow Dreamer! Tell us a little about yourself!

Well let's see, I am a father of 2 (soon to be 3), I'm a huge gamer and of course enthusiast, as well as horror fanatic. I'm a pretty busy dude, but I'm sure like most of, I trade sleep to play games (my wife isn't a fan).

You obviously have a love for the Dreamcast; when did that start?

It's surreal how fast time goes by, you really don't feel it, until looking back. I remember getting back to school in the fall of 99' (6th grade), I was in social studies and I am pretty sure there was an article about the DC (time magazine maybe?), that had me so intrigued at what awesomeness awaited me after the Sega Saturn generation. I was a gamer back then too, I also remember seeing a magazine with Sonic on the cover with a green spiral (Electronic Gaming Monthly?) and it had me psyched!!

So Christmas of 1999, to my surprise I got a Sega Dreamcast (after nagging my parents every waking moment) with a few games; Sonic Adventure, Mortal Kombat Gold and House of the Dead 2. My teenage self couldn't contain himself, I played the HECK out of all those games, then I started getting into other classics, Crazy Taxi, Power Stone, and even Gauntlet Legends...oh wait and Skies of Arcadia....Shenmue (groundbreaking)...

So your current collection – can you give a brief description of what you have, what you collect (i.e. games only, games and console variants etc.) and what your 'end goal' is, if you have one?

For collecting, I really have been all over the place, I guess you could say I am a console variant aficionado.  I have 25 Dreamcast consoles, 14 PS2 consoles, 11 N64 consoles, 11 game gear variants and 16 PSP consoles to name a few. I love promotional signs, and neon displays ( I have a few, no DC unfortunately). I was hugely into collectors editions for a while, but they are usually overpriced, mass produced junk nowadays, so I have strayed from them (I'm looking at you, ridiculously big Titanfall statue, and Fallout 76 Power Armor Helmet). 

My current DC collection is 125 games deep, less than half of the collection, but I have most of my go-to games. I currently have 25 DC consoles, I almost have every colour, and a lot of the original aftermarket shells, their are some new ones out on the market which are awesome too!

I definitely have probably over a thousand games easy, a few complete sets, like Virtual boy, Gizmondo (random I know) and Tapwave Zodiac (even more random), oh wait and the Wii U. My end goal would be to have owned one of every console at some point, I know there is emulation (it's not the same). I currently have my eyes set on a Mega Duck handheld, FM Towns Marty, and who knows maybe a Memorex VIS (I know, I'm a glutton for punishment).

Why did you start collecting for the console, and if you still are, what makes you continue?

I've always had a special place in my heart for the DC, I'm sure nostalgia has something to do with it too. Sega's innovation and creativeness for this console was just remarkable, they took so many risks and they didn't always pay off (obviously) but they put out some awesome software, and paved the way for many features in today's gaming frontier. I think I have around 100 games or so for the DC, as I have dedicated more times to the console collecting and controller variants, there is still more for me to obtain. Hopefully some day I can obtain the few remaining consoles/controllers I need to complete my collecting goal, without taking a second mortgage.

I have just under 40 VMU variants, and 30 controller variants, I finally have all of the Dreamcast Direct VMU/Controllers, these were ordered through DC direct (a mail ordering system provided by Sega) and are very limited. The pearl, pearl pink, and pearl blue are noted to be a run of 200 each, and the woodgrain, camo, carbon, marble, and leopard and bubbles are all DC direct exclusives as well. In the 10 years I have been collecting I have only seen the bubbles controller ONCE.

Where do you get new additions to your collection? Are you still able to find them 'in the wild' or is it online only now?

Most of what I collect comes from online nowadays, auction sites, forums, Facebook marketplace etc. I feel finding things in the wild has severely decreased in the 10 years I have been collecting, as many people are listing on such websites. If you are looking for very niche or import products, it definitely makes it more difficult.

What's the favourite part of your collection, and why?

Dreamcast Code Veronica Claire Edition, and STARS Edition: my favourite consoles for sure, I believe these were through Dreamcast direct, and I read somewhere it was a lottery system, as in you would order, and got surprised by which console you got (so cool) the Claire edition is 1 of 1,800, and STARS is one of 200!
We all love bargains, any in particular stand out for you whilst amassing your collection?

I did get a huge collection of DC games maybe 50 or so with light guns and a few Dreamcast consoles for like $150 USD a few years back which was a huge score in my book, and he was an awesome dude!

We also know Retro costs sometimes – what's the most you've ever spent on a single item for the collection?

I think the most I have spent on an item was about $700, one of those last second bidding wars, naturally I told my wife I spent much less!
Any weird or particularly rare parts of the collection you want to highlight?

I love the weird, obscure consoles, I have a Gamepark GP32 (all 3 models), Gameking, Casio Loopy, Bandai Pippin, Bandai Playdia, N64 Ique, Sega Wondermega, Gamewave, Nuon, etc. I also have a set of 4 Nintendo Famicom wristwatches which are so neat!

On the Dreamcast side, I have quite a few "rare" consoles, such as:

Regulation 7, I believe this one was used in parlours for play, to my knowledge similar to arcades in the US, where people could compete and link up, it was also sold I believe through Dreamcast Direct. I'm not sure of the print number for this console.

CSK console, this is literally just a regular old DC with a CSK sticker on the top...I hear these were used (or supposed to be) for medical purposes utilised in facilities with the Dreameye camera for conferencing, consultations etc.
Sakura Wars console, (my wife thinks this one is pretty, still wants me to find pearl pink though!) neat console variant, limited console, I've had this one for several years, one of my first variants.

Seaman Xmas console, I LOVE this console (unfortunately, I don't have the controller or VMU) this was limited to 850, I got this for $100 USD, such a steal, I use it around the holidays!
Some of the figures/ plush I have are awesome. I have the Dreamcast console, Chu Chu rocket, and Sega Exec. Hidekazu Yukawa plushes - the latter of which I have three variants. These were never for sale, they could be won in UFO catchers (Crane games in the US) and are quite hard to come by. If you haven't check out the commercials for the DC featuring Yukawa, they are excellent.

In 1999 Toy Island and Resaurus released the Sonic adventure figure line, these figures are really cool, with decent articulation for what they are. E-102 gamma and Amy Rose are my favourites. These are particularly easy to find, especially in good condition and for a fair price.The Big the cat figure is cool too, just think of Big's voice "Frroooggggyyyyy!"
House of the dead also had some figures made by Palisades (I think they made some near Resident Evil figures at some point), in the Y2K era. These are pretty detailed and game accurate; the Hierophant is great, and his chest even opens to you can hit his weak point! These can be had very cheap, check around if your interested, you will not be disappointed. Some were limited and had some variants as well.

Space Channel 5 figures are the bomb! I got a couple of these in 2012 for a few bucks each (great investment) and have had no regrets!  Also made by Palisades in 2000, I can't say much to the quality as my figures are sealed, if you are a fan check them out, and play the VR version of Space Channel 5 while you're at it. These ladies are also inexpensive, wish they made Morolian figures!

The Dreamcast calendar (came in a triangular box); I've read it was given to reviewers/news outlets, as a promotional item, it is a cool Silver Metallic colour for the year 1999, marked as "The End of the Century". I have not seen a ton of these out there. The Dreamcast orange spiral bank, this was another giveaway. I read it was geared towards children to fill with their allowance to save up for a Sega Dreamcast when it launched, genius marketing!
Is there one particular 'holy grail' that you're still after for the collection?

I'm not particularly after anything at the moment, after collecting for 10 years, there isn't a ton I haven't discovered (prove me wrong!). However, a Dreamcast kiosk would be super cool. Sadly, I don't own any kiosks.

I would REALLY love to own a Sega Candy Cab, any owners of one of these, I envy you!

We'd like to thank Brian for taking the time to answer our questions and sharing some pictures of his most enviable collection. Those controllers all in their own little shelves... it's a thing of absolute beauty..

Have a collection you'd like to show fellow Dreamcast fanatics? Don't mind us asking you a few questions? Get in touch with us via our social media feeds, and we may feature you in an upcoming part of the Dreamcast Collectors Unite! series.

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