Dreamcast Console Shells in 2021

As recently as 2018 we debated why, or more accurately if; there would be a market for third-party shells. And it would seem that finally there is 'a market' of sorts, in the sense that there are now at least 3 areas of purchase available should you want a shell in the great old year of 2021. 
With this I am obviously talking about various sellers on eBay rather than the retro section of your local Jimmy Games Emporium R Us or whatever stores are left these days, but there are now options out there if you want a new shell for your trusted Dreamcast and you aren't Kayne enough for the Dreamcase Metal shell.

Sellers from China, Australia, and more importantly for the Euro types; Spain and the UK, now have stock of these newer shells. Whilst not completely newsworthy if I am brutally honest, is at least vaguely interesting I hope! These aren't the original official or repo shells from the Dreamcast era, but newly fabricated ones.

Over in the back channels of where the Dreamcast Junkyard’s finest minds and contributors hang out (and by hang out I mean occasionally mumble to each other about what we may write about, before Tom posts he already wrote about that in 1973 or something) we discussed the Australian-based ones at least a couple of year ago when we first spotted them but no one had ever taken the plunge due to shipping and import woes, but it's the wider spread of them that I am personally drawn too, purely from the slightly Grandma perspective of 'that's nice I didn't expect that' point of view. 

Being the ever-sleuth that I am, I donned my best reporter’s hat and messaged the eBay UK seller 8bitmods, whose store and DC shells can be viewed here. He kindly not only answered my question but said I was fine to use his photos you see on this article. If you aren't an eBay type you can also get in touch with Mods on their Twitter and website. And you can see his full response below.

"These shells are made in China. They're not new old stock or anything similar, it's made by an enthusiast in China where we bought them from. They are 1:1 copies of the original shell mold, so everything fits perfectly. We don't have a huge amount of them in stock, as we're trialling how popular they will be."

Quite a lot of the variants look similar to the original seller mentioned so it's entirely likely they are both supplied by the same person, however, it's at least interesting to discover these are brand new units being made for production (note they don't include the screws), and whilst we haven't had or even seen any in-person ourselves to let you know about feel or build quality, or how easily they fit the DC innards and reassemble, it's intriguing they are based on the original molds. And it's certainly a positive step in the direction of the Dreamcast community and fanbase to at least have the option of new shells available. 

We'd love to hear your thoughts on these and any favourite designs or themes you feel should be considered, and obviously let us know if you do have one of these newer or a similar newer variant, and how it's gone since you fitted it out.


Unknown said...

Looks interesting, different themed ones other than the RECV copy would be good to see. Nice to see they have included the modem cover, wonder if they would do a karaoke replacement case in the future for the minimal amount of us that have it. Still waiting for someone to do a PAL game case mold....... Anyone out there going to make a mold for that???

Not Interested said...

For as long as these are over $50 dollars they will always be an easy pass for me. The cost of mold injected plastic is not that high.

Unknown said...

"we're trialling how popular they will be."

At 99 pounds plus shipping (and taxes, outside the UK) not much, I guess. Even here, a place full of dreamcast enthusiasts I guess they will only raise eyebrows with those prices.

way2easy said...

Do you mean by a PAL game mould that you need new cases? PixelHeart sells new PAL cases. (they are hidden in the 'accessories' section of the store).

Unknown said...

Yeah, I have some on order with them but still a high cost (also think they are from donor games which is sad) so there has to be a cheaper way to make them

way2easy said...

You will be all good with the PixelHeart ones (except for maybe the price), they are the same newly made cases that they use for their new games.