Using DALL·E mini to create AI Dreamcast images from hell

Good old artificial intelligence. If it's not deciding to wipe out humanity for our own good or powering our Teslas, it's listening to our conversations and plotting ways serve us with adverts for things we never knew we needed. There is another important use for AI though - creating cursed Dreamcast related images. 

DALL·E mini is a prototype 'artifical intelligence model that generates images from any prompt you give,' and so naturally isn't limited to solely spitting out Giger-esque renditions of Dreamcast consoles and games - the very nature of the tool created by Boris Dayma et al is that you can punch whatever you like into the devil's own suggestion box and DALL·E mini will attempt to render approximations of what your twisted mind has concocted.

All joking aside, it really is a very clever little program, and is well worth playing around with if you have some time to kill. With this in mind, here for your delectation/utter disgust are some of the more 'imaginative' images DALL·E mini thrust into existence with a little prompting from yours truly. Viewer discretion is advised.

'Sega Dreamcast'

'Jet Set Radio'


'Sega Rally 2'

'Soul Calibur'

'Crazy Taxi'

'Virtua Tennis'

'Hydro Thunder'

'Sonic Adventure'

'Peter Moore'

'Bernie Stolar'

'Mr Yukawa'

Of course, these arcane and downright horrifying images are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to using DALL·E mini. You really can type in anything you want and the app will attempt to create something. It is only in the prototype phase and so the results are a bit hit and miss, but it's well worth trying out to see what you can summon forth from the very depths of hell itself. 

Let us know in the comments if you're sleeping with the light on after seeing these pictures...


DCGX said...

Ew. Wipers, wipers! Get it off!

????? ????? said...

Just tried ""friends" perk cafe in dreamcast game" or "Gorillaz early 2000s aesthethic dreamcast". I wish there was a "friends" game on Dreamcast, and the soundtrack was written by Gorillaz :-)