Let's take a look at the 'All About Dreamcast VCD'

Here at the Junkyard we appreciate the obscure and the bizarre. For folks that have had a Dreamcast-shaped monkey perched firmly on their backs for over two decades, it is probably only natural to begin delving into the unexplored corners of the console, whether that be vague rumours of cancelled games, potato-based marketing splashes, or weird little knick-knaks that catch your eye on eBay. This post is about an oddity that falls squarely into that last category. Some may suspect we are scraping the barrel for the last few dregs of copy here, but oh no, this post is being authored in the honourable service of  documentation and preservation (and distracting myself from the impending economic collapse due here in the UK).

The official Dreamcast logo is there, but something tells me Sega had little to do with this product...

The 'All About Dreamcast VCD' is a Chinese-language Video CD accompanied by a short six page pamphlet that was sold in Taiwan and Hong Kong in 1998 for the princely sum of $90 New Taiwan Dollars or $25 Hong Kong Dollars (around £3.50 GBP accounting for inflation). The package appears to have been produced and distributed in advance of the launch of the Dreamcast and was intended to showcase the console and its forthcoming games. It's definitely not an official product, and although there is an address and phone number shown for the producers, I can't identify a company name. The 30-minute VCD contains footage of the Japanese release day titles, games that were scheduled to arrive in December 1998 (including the canned Geist Force) and beyond, as well as some clips of Naomi titles that the creators presumably thought would make it over to the home console some day. If you ever used to watch pirated DVDs that had clearly been filmed from the back of a cinema, the last section will give you a nice nostalgic hit.

Aside from the handful of facts that can be gleaned from the package itself, nothing else appears to be known of the 'All About Dreamcast VCD'. Internet searches produce zilch. Perhaps that is simply down to this artifact being a little insignificant, although that hasn't stopped similar VHS-format Dreamcast videos being ripped and viewed thousands of times. While this VCD doesn't really show off anything new, we reckon some of you may get a kick out of it. So, grab some popcorn, transport your mind back to autumn 1998, and get hyped for the console that is going to solidify Sega's domination of the gaming hardware market for decades to come!


Tom Charnock said...

Excellent preservation work and an excellent article/video. Cheers Lozz!

Lewis Cox said...

Thank you for preserving this, Lozz 😁