DreamPi is the incredible software written by Luke Benstead that allows certain Dreamcast games to be played online with other Dreamcast owners, long after official servers have been shut down. There have been several iterations of the software and through the ingenuity of various programmers and the wider community a fairly decent library of games has been brought back online.

In order to take advantage of DreamPi, you'll need a Raspberry Pi and a few other readily available bits and pieces, along with the DreamPi software itself. You can find all of the information you need to get back online by visiting the internet's premier destination for all things Dreamcast online multiplayer - Dreamcast Live.
At Dreamcast Live you'll find in-depth guides and information on every aspect of the DreamPi system, and you can also get up to date information on new developments.

You can also find further information at Luke Benstead's blog, Kazade here.

Finally, it's also worth checking out Dreamcast Now, which is a website dedicated to displaying which members of the community are online at any given time, last games played and a load of other useful information and DreamPi configuration tools.


Gameoverman said...

Hi. Where is the best place to get a dreampi. Seem to be out of stock on the website

Gameoverman said...

Where the best place to get a dreampi. Just got a dream cast and would like to get online