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Sometimes an item appears on ebay that makes you think "why?"

Here's an auction for such an item. It's a external Dreamcast cooling fan that comes complete with it's own power cord. And there's me thinking just the one fan was sufficient.

Why does this thing exist? Answers on a postcard. Or, erm, the comments page...

Oh, and if the auction ends before you can piss your money away on such a pointless artifact, you can buy one here.

Bandwagons Ahoy! Part 2

It seems that everyone is having a crack at lamenting the Dreamcast's demise on this, the 10th Anniversary of it's (US) birth. It's mostly all crocodile tears, I hasten to add - where were these so-called 'supporters' when the DC still had a weak pulse and the tiniest of sections scrunched into an unlit corner of Electronics Boutique? Bah! Fucking hypocritical Judases. It seems that even MSN is getting in on the act though, featuring the Dreamcast in it's 'Dead Tech we would Resurrect' feature. Go and have a look.

Did you read it? Did you cough your half-chewed toast all over the fucking keyboard? I almost did - where the hell did they dig up the cretin who wrote that load of bile? Well, more on that later, but I for one didn't realise the DC was the follow-up to the Mega Drive (apparently, the Saturn never existed); and check out this quote:

"...A combination of mistrust with game developers and the emergence of the PlayStation spelled an early bath for the Dreamcast. Even the brilliant Virtua Fighter could not save it..."

Now, I'm not one for abbreviations or text speak - indeed, I believe it to be a grisly mutilation of the English language - but W.T.F.?! This horse shit would be acceptable (just) on some nomark blog written by a 15 year old wanabe games journo in his bedroom, but this is on MSN - one of the biggest and most widely read web portals on the fucking planet! Wanna know what's even more noose-preparingly depressing? The guy who wrote it is called Michael Sawh. And he works for

The mind, as ever, boggles.

It Cost How Much?!

Now, I'm well aware that there are certain Dreamcast titles out there that can be described as rare, collectable and sought-after, and as such command high selling prices when they pop up on eBay and the like. Rez, Skies of Arcadia, Cosmic Smash...NFL Quarterback Club?!

But look at this. Some fucking idiot is trying to flog a copy of said American footy game for over £100 on Amazon! What the HELL?!

If it came with an actual NFL club as part of the deal, I might condone such an atrociously high price. But it doesn't, so I can't.