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The Dreamcast is very popular. A quick Video.

Well yet another gaming event has come and gone and yet again I was not able to get any decent video at all.

I really wanted to get some great footage of all the people having fun messing around with the Dreamcast but I did not get chance due to all the people milling around. I did try to interview some people but I only talked to like two people before I had to go back to managing the event.

I figured I would show off what little stuff I did manage to shoot (Some of it is Horrible Quality).


I would like to note that the girl who talked about the Dreamcast won the whole tournament and pretty much destroyed everyone else. So I suppose my comments about there being very few female Dreamcast fans have been proved false.

I also am going to make a video promoting the top 100 event coming up and I hope to generate some more interest in it. I am glad that Gagaman(n) has gotten the ball rolling on this. I was considering doing some special stuff for 9/9/09 but I have been lazy as of late.

Classic Video Game Day footage

Here is some rather crappy footage of the classic video game day that I organized for the local public library. (It's hard to run something like this and get decent footage at the same time.)

In any case there is a lot of Dreamcast (and Saturn) action in it. During the Tournament I even used the Dreamcast Atari collection.

The most popular Dreamcast titles were Marvel Vs Capcom 1 and 2. I had seven different stations set up with classic video game systems including an Atati 2600, NES, N64, Genesis, PS1, Saturn, 2 Dreamcasts, and a couple of PCs with Starcraft and Doom multiplayer set up on them.

The Dreamcast systems were by far the most popular with the general public.