Sega’s new console to be powered by the crushed dreams and tears of Sega fans?

Sega is making remakes and sequels to awesome Dreamcast games!!!!

Sega is NOT making remakes and sequels to awesome Dreamcast games.

In an impressive “fake out” someone released a huge list of beautiful lies. Beautiful beautiful lies

Of course it was false.

My only hope is that this display of the average Sega fan’s ability to create hope and then have that hope dramatically ground into the dirt will show that Sega can indeed create a console that can be powered by sadness and longing… much sadness and longing. I need to go home, listen to emo music and hug my Dreamcast.

(I was just kidding about that last line.)

Media Monday! House of the Dead 2

A quick little media clip to brighten your day. Using the grenade launcher in House of the Dead 2 doesn't make saving victims easier, but combined with the rotten meat/big head mode it can be very entertaining.

Makes me want to pull out my HoD2 disk and "Suffer like G did" all over again.

The Greatest Story Ever Told...

I'm sure this title was originally reserved for the film version of the birth of Christ, but I'd beg to differ... For me its the story of Ryo Hazuki, and the murder of his father, you know the day the rain turned to snow...

I'm fairly sure there has never been a proper Shenmue 2 post here on the 'Yard, so here goes....Where do I start? Let me tell you about my own Shenmue 2 experience... I knew nothing about this game, nothing! I walked into Gamestation, looking for the usual £2.50 Dreamcast bargain and saw a title that warranted the price tag of £25.00... It was a double disc title as well. OK the price hinted at something big, and the two disc package hinted at something epic...

And epic it was! This game has probably consumed more of my life than any other! As I tentatively placed the first disc into my Dreamcast, I was greeted by a glorious visual feast... Something akin to a movie, with titles, the name Yu Suzuki attached to it, and a boy, on a ship sailing towards Hong Kong...

And so it started, off the boat, there were the most beautifully bedecked characters... Every person was dressed in beautiful silks... The lines on their faces, so fabulously rendered, speaking in unintelligible Japanese... (That sounded so right, with its subtitles...)

And so it continued... Graphically, this game still outstrips Red Steel, the Wii launch title (and why shouldn't it?) This is the most expensive game in developers history! AM2 seriously depleted Sega's budget producing this game! But lets get back to Ryo's journey...

As you wander round Hong Kong, you're gonna have your bag stolen by those pesky Heavens gang... But your bag contains that all important mirror so central in unravelling the mystery of your father's death? So you're gonna have to get it back by executing some VF3 fighting moves... (apart from the wandering round, you'll have to fight enemies and competitors on a regular basis and as you fight your repertoire of killer moves increases!) The story unfolds beautifully, as you pick up clues and explore your environment talking to key characters...

The timescale of Shenmue, is in real time, you're affected by the weather, your finacial responsibilities and so on.... You'll have to find lodgings, employment or gamble to make money and there can be a lot of waiting round! But you can just go and explore every, barber shop, temple, warehouse building, cafe and caged bird shop you want to!

That's the great thing about Shenmue! it rains, its sunny! Wanna kill some time? Go and work at the docks shifting crates! Go and play gambling 'Lucky Hit' games, or just waste some cash down at the arcade playing 'After Burner', 'Super Hang On' or 'Outrun' (all previous AM2 titles) which are secreted within the game...

The people that populate the Shenmue world are all interactive - by that I mean they will all talk to you (some are helpful in your quest, some indifferent and some hostile). The game unfolds at a very gentle pace and will take lierally days to complete. I'd highly reccomend a walkthrough, as the game can be frustrating if you get stuck with unravelling part of the plot... There's one here if you need it... Without a walkthrough you might miss the hidden treasures like the ever beguiling duck race (you can find your own racing duck within the grounds of the Man Mo Temple, but where do you race it????)
The characters you meet are fabulous - Shenhua Ling, Joy, Ren Of Heavens, Lan Di, Xiyung Hong - check them out here...

The game just gets you hooked and there is the first title (the very badly voice acted Shenmue) to play afterwards! And that's the way it was for me! I played them back to front, playing Shenmue 1 second. It's great, but the terrible wooden English voice acting make it a much leser experience... The world you can explore is considerably smaller, and the colours less vibrant. If you're only going to play one title, make sure its Shenmue 2...

The story unfolds, you've got to find out about those creeps that killed your Dad right? You'll find yourself hooked into the drama that connects you with a story that exists within China and Japan, Yakuza, gangs, Buddhism and Taoism...

As you span those two discs, you'll uncover fighting moves, mystery, spirituality and more...

I could spout on forever about the wonder of this game, but the greatest way to experience it is to play it yourself! Oh and the QTE's (or Quick Time Events) see you mash buttons at crucial moments, in response to the game's demands... Allowing cinematic events to unfurl before you if you're quick enough to meet their demands...

And the side/mini games/activities such as collecting bargainable capsule toys... Wonderful! Spend your hard earned dollars on capsule toy collections, and you'll have money to spend when you really need it! Just go to a pawn (not pr0n) shop and you'll be quids in!

The game never reached the US, being released in Europe and Japan only, but it did re-emerge on the XBox, bundled with a DVD of the story of the first Shenmue, allowing those who had never played the first title, so they would be up to speed when Ryo stepped off the boat... Sadly there never has been a conclusion to the story, no Shenmue 3. Reputedly in full development, the theory goes that it would be fincially disastrous to release and promote it, just bad economic sense... Despite the hopes of Shenmue addicts like myself, it's unlikely it will ever see the light of day. One thing is for certain, if it came out on the Xbox 360 or PS3, it would see me getting one on the day of its release!

I'm waffling a bit, so I suggest you check out a proper review here, here, here and here... Oh and for every Shenmue resource you'll ever need look here...

RUMMAGE: 18 Wheeler

Seesh, I've made 3 of these video reviews this week now. Anyone would think I have nothing better to do! Well, I do, but I can't be arsed to finish that animation I have sitting in the almost-ready-but-still-gonna-take-a-lot-of-work stage, so here's another Rummage installment for Sega's 18 Wheeler. Enjoy, and remember: "When you're hot you're hot baby!"

Dreamcast Collections To Die For, as seen on Sega's Flickr

As you may or may not have seen (it was recently linked to at UK:R) Sega now has an official Flickr account where they store everything that fans have submitted to them. Amongst all the collections of Sonic stuff, dodgy Photoshop jobs and creepy costumes are the odd pictures of some nuts collectors huge arse Dreamcast collections that will make you piss yourself. Examples!

This Casper Egas guy has with room filling lump of blue-cased British games, possibly every single one they released. Gulp! Mind you, I can see "Beat of rage" in a blue case there, and that's a homebrew game so er...I'm slightly suspicious. Still, very impressive if owning everything is your thing (I'd rather just own the games that didn't suck, myself).

While there was only about 250 (only?) games released in Europe, no one really knows how many japan got, but it has been estimated at around 600. Now I doubt anyone out there owns all of these, Stefano Biancuzzi is certainly getting there with this lot! Unfortunately it's impossible to see what any of these games are, but I'm guessing those ones in DVD cases on the end are the likes of Under Defeat, Trigger Heart Exthingymajig and SegaGaga. Git. Soeaking of which, how come so many people on that site have the SegaGaga box set? Bastards with their money!

They still have the photos I sent to them some while ago, too, which is nice. It's pretty out of date, though!

Now if only the Post Office will stop having a pissing Strike, I have a lot of stuff in the mail from Ebay I'm waiting for here! Oh, and another Rummage video will hopefully be up later tonight!

Excellent Dreamcast find in major video game retailer.

Note: First off, this little post is about the American game store "Gamestop". However, many of video game chains in Europe have been recently making similar mistakes of not stocking Dreamcast material. Therefore this article can be helpful to anyone. I am sure that anyone who has tried to shop for retro video games has encountered a similar situation (what with the "new gen" crap they have been trying to foist upon gamers).


Stop lying to consumers.

I have asked MANY different branches if they had any Dreamcast stuff left and they all pretty much had the same answer.

"No. Gamestop does not carry any retro games."

"None of our stores have any Dreamcast stuff left."

"There is no store that we sent all our older video games to."

I recently found out this was not true. There ARE some stores that have been sent Dreamcast stuff. I have no idea why gamestop employees wouldn't tell me this. Maybe they just didn't know because:

1. - Managers in local stores want you to shop in their store, not someone else's.

2. - Corporate leaders decided that nobody cares about Dreamcast stuff and didn't bother telling local area stores that certain stores do still carry retro stuff.

3. - There is such poor communication between stores that nobody really knows what the other store have in stock.

Now I have been to Gamestops and EBgames (same corporation) in most of the major cities in Northern and Central NY. Most of them do not have Dreamcast stuff. Every once in awhile they will have some VMU's and the occasional controller. However one store in Syracuse, NY DOES have Dreamcast stuff. ALOT of Dreamcast stuff. A whole damn shelf full. And I got a bunch of it last weekend.

Three bags full! (not all of this was Dreamcast, but the bulk of it was)

The haul included 3 Dreamcast fishing controllers!!!! Only one was first party but the "fission" controllers from Interact work quite nicely.

In addition I got a crapload of VMUS for .25 cents each. Including colored VMUs and the extra memory one. How much is this stuff selling for on Sega parts? New for $29.99???

The best part about all this is that I got all this stuff for less than $20.00. 75% off everything. The manager was happy to clear out shelf space.

This is YEARS after Gamestop stopped selling Dreamcast stuff. So for my European friends who are going through the painful process of Dreamcast merch being pulled off major chain store's shelves, take heart.

It's always worth asking the clerks if they happen to have any Dreamcast stuff left in stock. Or at least to try to ask if any local stores have any backstock of retro video games. You may get lucky.

In other news I managed to snag an Interact lightgun in another store (Game Craze). It's in good shape and it's HUGE. It's really one of the coolest lightguns I have ever used. Of course this the brand that is famous for breaking easily so I am gonna keep my Madcatz brand dual pistols for casual HOD2 or Death Crimson OX blasting (US brand lightguns work with Death Crimson OX...) It's good to know that some stores still support retro gaming and we should all try to support them as much as possible.


Another installment of RUMMAGE already? I'm on a roll here so why not? This 2nd video review is of the oddball kids racer PenPen, a lanuch title with great cartoon-y graphics and simple game play. I'm kind of ripping off Screw Attack's Video game Vault feature with these, aren't I? Oh well!

RUMMAGE: New DCJY Video Review Series!

Here's a new feature for the Dreamcast Junkyard video accounts I've been planning for some time, and have finally got around to starting off. Rummage, as I've decided to call it, is a new series of video reviews, starting off with this one about the ape shit shooter Bangai-O, by those fantastic chaps at Treasure. This is my first time doing this so it's a little rough around the edges, but we all start somewhere! I have 2 more currently W.I.P and many more planned, and as soon as I make them, you guys will be first to know!

Ain't no party like a Dreamcast party...

I was gonna terminate my relationship with the Dreamcast Junkyard when my last post was removed... I really was! I was hurt people... I thought that my last video post was funny! Other contributors however, thought otherwise... Still, each to his own, I guess... If you want to check out what that was look here... Be warned though, if you're easily offended by strong language, poor video blogging, or sad mofos expressing their love for the Dreamcast, you might not want to click on the link...

Still! Its time for me to re-establish myself on the DCJY, if necessary for one last time... The subject? Great DC games to play with friends if you're throwing a Dreamcast Party... OK! After my last (uncensored) post, I came up with a few great games to play when you've got friends round... Thanks to the comments of my colleagues, I've come up with a few more

Virtua Athlete 2K: This is a great 4 player game! Button mashing is the order of the day, as your chosen player competes in a number of Olympic events! Whether it's hammer throwing, long jump, hurdles or the javelin, make sure your timing is right and your hitting those butons at precisely the right moment... Otherwise you're doomed to have your opponent laughing as they trump you for that points bonus at the end of the round... Highly playable, whatever your video game experience, and a great multi-player title... Let's move on shall we?

Powerstone 1 &2: OK! One of Capcom's finest! This anime inspired title, actually generated its own cartoon over the Pacific, in the land of the Rising Sun... OK we're looking at a hectic weapon based fighter, that matches frantic gameplay with crazy power ups and allows you to take your opponents to the cleaners with a wicked combo whilst you're strengthened by Power Rangers style machismo... Top Banana!

Sega World Wide Soccer (Euro Edition): The pinnacle of Dreamcast football games... Yes this was perhaps the BEST football game on the Dreamcast. Sort your friends and yourselves into some kind of Euro or International League and you'll be playing all night! It's at its best when you go to extra time and penalties. A truly wonderous title, perhaps one for the boys, but who knows? Maybe there are some ladies out there that could prove me very wrong, and give my Sheffield Wednesday squad a good spanking...

Dead Or Alive 2: There's nothing like a good ol' beat 'em up to level the playing field, and perhaps, after Soul Calibur, this is the Dreamcast's finest! Luscious graphics and a sublime arena destroying title, Dead Or Alive is a wondrous fighter! Pick your pugilist and stand back as this the mayhem unfolds! Happy days!

Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Afro Thunder? Michael Jackson? Take your pick and slug it out till the final round till your protagonist is ready to stay sniffing canvas! This game lets you battle it out until you're ready to whap you're opponent out of the ring! And what a satisfying moment that is!! A great game that's as solidly Dreamcast as any other title you could think of!

Crazy Taxi 1 & 2: "OK! It's time to make some crazy money!" The Offspring will serenade you, as you're pitted against the clock, to squeeze as much cash as you can from the queuing punters that are lined up to make your fair! Crash and smash your way to the assigned destination in the minimum time... Sublime!

House Of The Dead 2: Light Guns at the ready as you battle your way against a horde of zombies to let the "Dogs Of The AMS" defeat the ever omnipotent Goldman. Two player
action never felt this good! And you can always access two player Zombie Revenge if you're struggling with HOTD2....

Typing Of The Dead: Light Guns letting you down? Then crack out your DC keyboards for a cleverer and funnier version of the affore mentioned title! This'll see you using your keyboard skills and typing dexterity to defeat the zombie hoarde!

Shenmue 2 (Duck Race) : A hidden gem within the best title ever for the Dreamcast, this mini-game sees you pitting your adopted fowl against other birds of Hong Kongs gambling community... Pick your duck, pledge some money and watch as the action unfolds...

I hope this post gets the response I'd hoped for... If it doesn't then this is my swan song from the DCJY!
And once again... "Goodnight children, wherever you are..."

It doesn't get much more hardcore than this.

You've seen the Dreamcast as art, you've seen the Dreamcast as a PC, you've seen the Dreamcast as an amp, but have you seen a Dreamcast guitar before?

Well retro gamer artist Flooky over at the Destructoid blogs has built exactly that, in her own words her "dream guitar". It combines the console and a controller, with the volume and tone dials replacing the open and power buttons. She even burnt herself in the week long process from the soldering! Now that's dedication! Here's a close up:

We knew the Dreamcast rocked, but this one really can rock!
(Thanks to DCEmu Forums for picking up on this!)

UPDATE: Destructoid have interviewed Flooky about her Dreamcast Guitar, which you can read HERE. It appaers that the Dreamcast was broken, so she simply breathed new life into it! There's also more photos of it there.

X-Box Live Arcade woefully behind the Dreamcast in terms of awesomeness

Well it appears that the X-box is trying to play catch up with the Dreamcast.

They now offer a version of Marthon:Durandal on X-box Live Arcade.

Joystiq Article

Xbox Marathon Website

Quote form the X-box wesbite.

"This title is only available to Xbox 360™ owners with an Xbox LIVE Silver or Gold membership, through download from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace."

Technically that is true. To get the faster upgraded version with a few add-ons you have to have the X-box 360.

But if you want play THE WHOLE TRILOGY (including the original version of Durandal!) all you need is a Dreamcast, a CD-R and a decent internet connection!

Download it at the DC Evolution website.

That's right. First the Wii and now the Xbox 360. The new gen just keeps on ripping off the Dreamcast...

Yes the DC Evolution website has had THE WHOLE TRILOGY up for awhile. Of course there are some drawbacks (the most painful being that you can't save).

But still. Three original games versus one remake.

Simple math people


Dreamcast > Xbox live Arcade

The Undead Console leaves another victim in it's wake...

Live the Dream people...

All hail the Undead Console!

All hail the Dreamcast!

Blowing up the Dreamcast Controller Board.

This is a public service message to all the Dreamcast fans out there.

I have heard from many different sources that crappy third party controllers can easily blow out ports on your Dreamcast.

What I found out yesterday was that even an official Dreamcast controller can do this. A first party Dreamcast controller I had recently bought was faulty and blew out the F1 resistor in the controller board. That means that NONE of the controller ports will work.

Here is the culprit. I bought it from a thrift shop the other day.

I suppose it's live by thrift shops, die by the thrift shops. But there are two ways to look at buying Dreamcast stuff from pawn shops, Salvation army, "boot sales", garage sales...ect.

A. - Most people won't resell or donate electronics that they know are faulty.

B. - Most people are jerks or too stupid to know that the stuff they are selling is faulty.

For me it's a moot point. I only paid like $10 for the Dreamcast I blew up because I got it at a garage sale. I could have paid more for stuff from Ebay, but are electronics purchased like that really safer? It's debatable.

Anyways you can buy a new resistor to replace the one the faulty controller blew out. It takes a bit of time and RISK to your Dreamcast. Some people have had better luck than others.

Here is a nice little guide from the Devcast site:

And here is a little blurb from the Dreamcast Scene Site.

There is also a less safe but easier way

I do not suggest that anyone tries this. You can hurt/kill yourself if you don't know anything about electronics (I was supposed to unplug it?!!?!?) and you can easily damage your Dreamcast beyond all repair. It involves using a bit of wire to directly connect the legs of the busted F1 resistor.

I am mainly putting this up so people get a little better picture of what the F1 fuse looks like.

Basically the Dreamcast is very easy to crack open. You just need a regular Phillips head screwdriver.

Take out the 4 screws then flip it over to remove the top.

You then can see all the bits that make the Dreamcast magical!

Anyways there is the damn F1 resistor that blows out if you use a crap controller

(or an official controller that's faulty)

My crappy fix actually seemed to work. However, this Dreamcast might now be the largest fire hazard in my house. Plus if you ever use a faulty controller in that Dreamcast it might just blow out the whole thing...

So it's a bit hard to fix this if you are not used to it. Buying a new resistor isn't expensive but you will need a soldering iron to get the old one out and replace it.

It might be a better idea to simply buy a replacement controller board or even a new Dreamcast.

In conclusion beware of trying out new controllers! If you happen to have two Dreamcasts don't use the nicer one to test out controllers for the first time. And yes, even official Dreamcast controllers can ruin your controller ports.

All in all I suppose that it's a good lesson to learn. Even the Dreamcast can fail (though it's pretty damn simple to try and fix it).

Fideo Friday: Caleb's Collection!

Still not much to report when it comes to interesting Dreamcast videos on-line recently. However, this week we have two videos from us to show you! The first is Caleb showing off his Dreamcast Collection, which he posted at his blog last week! It's bloody funny, I might add.

As this video clearly shows: Caleb has a life and has his games dumped in boxes while I spend far too much time keeping mine all presentable and shite, because I'm a sad git! At least we have one thing in common: we both have len's caps that won't stay still and wiggle at the bottom of the screen a lot!

E3 2007 reveals new Dreamcast game!

Remember how EA decided not to develop games for the Dreamcast all those years ago? Well, now after all this time they have finally seen the errors of their ways and decided to bring a game over to it. Yes, in 2007! This game is..

The Simpson's Game! Out of boredom I was watching a bunch of trailers of new game trailers being shown at this years E3 event when, at the end of this trailer for the game, EA revealed their cleverest plan ever! These guys are the biggest in the industry for one reason: they port their games to everything, only now they are taking this to the extreme! Just take a look at this amazing announcement! It makes perfect sense because the Dreamcast never had a Simpson's game either!

Finally EA have seen the potential in the undead console! This is surely a confirmation that Sega will be re-releasing the Dreamcast at an RRP of £99 with 100 games built in and a new VMU that can play Game Gear games! You heard it here folks! We knew you were up to something really Sega, all these crap games you've been making the last few years were just a cover up for your major plans to rule the industry once again! As if life couldn't be any sweeter, my 2nd all-time favourite system ever, the Amiga, is getting a comeback too! My life is complete!

New Freeware Dreamcast Game - Neverball

A new Dreamcast port "Neverball" is being released in it's alpha version.

It looks and feels alot like Monkeyball so if you like those types of games it might be worth a CD-R. Here's a video of someone getting beat down while playing. It takes nerves of steel to play this game...

Here is the download link from the DCEmu website. Please note this game is still in it's preliminary stage so expect some bugs. It's in .CDI format so you will need Discjuggler, Alcohol 120 or Bootdreams to burn it.

As a bonus video here is a look at the PS controller converter. It takes note that the PS Guncon, fishing controller and twin stick will not work on the Dreamcast even with the converter. I just thought this video was interesting. Some day I will have to invest some cash in a PS2/DC converter for the dance mat.

Dream Machine

Word peeps. Apologies, yet again it seems, for my blatant lack of posting activity here at the nerve centre of Dreamcast related horse shit: The Dreamcast Junkyard. This, for the most part is down to my rather infuriating internet connection set up. If ever there was a more screen-punchingly annoying way of getting online than with a laptop that constantly refuses to acknowledge usb devices and a mobile phone on a network that rarely gives more than 2 bars of signal, then I'd like to hear about it. So - word of advice: Don't buy an Acer laptop; and don't get a mobile on the Three network, however nice their adverts may look, and however enticing their tariffs may seem. And if Three are reading, allow me to say this: FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKING CUNTS.

Anyhow, moving on to more relevant subjects - last night, whilst chillin' in ma crib with ma bitches and ma hoes and suppin' a Bud (sat on my own watching TV whilst the incessant rain smashed relentlessly across the shaking window panes), I spotted a Dreamcast on TV! Not an actual console mind, but a pad and a TV displaying a game of NFL 2K.

Now, at this juncture, I realise that by sharing this with you my rating on the Geek With No Life Or Friends-o-meter has probably just gone through the roof and into the underside of an orbiting satellite...but I think it's a cunning spot from yours truly. So where was this Dreamcast hiding? Well, last night saw the premiere of Vin Diesel 'action epic' A Man Apart on Channel 4. And very entertaining it was too. However, in two seperate scenes, one of Mr Diesel's pals (an obese, cake-loving gentleman, ironically monikered 'Sexy') can be seen playing said NFL game with a lovely white pad in his hands. The pad? Why, it's a DC one...

Beat that!! Spotted a DC in a movie? Let us know! I'm so excited I've just pissed and shat myself, but in the name of textual entertainment I'm going to sit here and wallow in my own faecal matter, because I've got something else to share with you all...

Have a look at this picture:

Note: The number plate has been blanked out to prevent any psychos checking my address
with the DVLA and stalking me. Not that it wouldn't be an honour to be stalked, you understand...

Yep, this is my car. Looks no different from any other piece of shit, rust-bucket Nissan Sunny right? WRONG, BITCH!!!

In an example of 'modding' not seen outside of that other Vin Diesel mess 'The Fast And The Furious,' I have turned my motor into the envy of the Dreamcast-loving world:

The Dream-Mobile (TM)!

Check out the bonnet:

Another note: Sonic's stuck on with Blue Tack. I'm not stupid enough to use Bostik. Although...

Check out the back windscreen:

Check out the pedals:

As you can probably tell, it's an automatic. Good job I learnt to drive playing Sega Rally 2 then, eh?

Now, if I drive around whilst wearing my UK Resistance T-Shirt, Dreamcast Jacket and Dreamcast swimming shorts I'm guaranteed to get loads of fine-ass birds begging for my phone number right?!

Who's laughing now eh?! EH?! Oh.

New DCJ Video: VMU Wonders

There really hasn't been too many interesting videos of note popping up on Youtube recently, so I skipped Fideo Friday again this week. To make up for it, I've put together a new video of my own for the Dreamcast Junkyard Youtube. Remember that VMU Wonders article I wrote a while back? This is very much a compliment to that, featuring clips of dozens of VMU games, including instructions on how to get your hands on them all.