Top Level Conspiracy Unearthed

And here's the proof! These pics are taken from the Gallery in F1 World Grand Prix 2. I seem to remember that in Fifa 2001 on the PS2, all the Sega emblems were removed from the Arsenal shirts so how or why did Sega manage to let advertising for a rival console creep into a Dreamcast game?!

The hunt is now on for more weird Dreamcast stuff...


Son_et_lumiere said...

Holy shit, on 'Review Centre' you gave Majora's Mask 6/10 ?!?!?!! What the hell is wrong with you? Jesus.

It's equally as good as OOT, in some respects a lot better. It's main fault is, yes, slightly deriavative of OOT- but that's like saying Mario 64 is like that for Mario World or something. I think it would actually be a better game, if the releases were swapped round and MM was first, if you see what I mean.

I mean, they couldn't increase the play area by a huge amount from OOT, although the graphics are a lot better- but what they did instead was use time to create more opportunities.
I wonder how much of it you played, becuase the early bit is kinda frustrating esp. if you just came off an endgame-powered-up Link from OOT.

Tom Charnock said...

Majora's mask wasn't that great - it was more of an expansion than a true sequel. I loved Ocarina of Time, but Majora's Mask didn't have the same magic.