Thought you were the only Dreamcast nut in your neighborhood? Well, you probably are. But - hark! - from the innermost denizens of that internet thing comes DC Forums! A place where, it seems, thousands of likeminded individuals gather to air their views and share vital battle plans for the inevitable march of the Dreamcast Army, predicted by Nostradamous for some time later this year.

When you take into consideration that most of old Nostro's 'predictions' have been fabricated by people who want to sell books about impending apocalypse, you may be forgiven for thinking this uprising will never come. But have faith, dear reader - and sign up with DC Forums here!

Your Console Needs You!

Speaking of uprisings, saw X-Men 3: The Last Stand yesterday. It was passable and features some great effects, but the whole story is just a bit pointless when it comes down to it. Oh, and it's got Vinnie Jones in it which usually spells disaster but he's actually not as embarrasing as I thought he'd be.

And if you do go to see it, wait in your (spine-threateningly uncomfortable) seat until the final credits have ended for an extra scene that screams 'X-Men 4' louder than the final scene before the credits roll. You may look like a sad tosser watching the credits while the cinema staff clean up around you, but at least you'll get your money's worth. Cough.


Animated AF said...

You still haven't told us what you bought on Ebay! I presume you're waiting till it arrives?

Tom Charnock said...

Ah, you know me so well!

Ross said...

The last time I saw a movie in the theaters was...I dont even know when.

Thats probably the most positive thing I've heard about the new X-Men film yet.

gnome said...

Nice forums :)

Animated AF said...

Just joined that forum, although upon doing so, I'm pretty sure I used to go there about 2 years ago.

Unknown said...

I thought it needed to be about an hour longer with more developed characters..!
High budget action flick!