Virtua Fighter 4 on the Dreamcast?

Le gasp! Could it be?

No. I found these discs for download on a torrent site yesterday, and must admit it caught me by surprise. What they really are, however, is promotional discs that run on the Dreamcast, either released just before they decided to port it to the Playstation 2 exclusively, or released to rub in the fact that you would have to buy a bloody Sony console to play the next instalment, or it could just be promoting the arcade game, as it seems.

The first disc, 'History/VF4' features all the music and lots of footage from all the previous VF games (1,2,3, and Kids), including some interesting beta footage, as well as all those games music. The second half of the disc is dedicated to VF4, with movie clips, profiles and a whole lotta images. That's about it, really. Also, all the videos are played in a thumbnail rather than full screen, so you're not going to enjoy this if you have a small telly.

The other disc, 'VF4 Passport', is exactly what it sounds like: a disc you take online to view the website. That's it. Surely they could of just fit that on the other disc, rather than make a whole disc for a few web page files that take up about 10MB? Oh well, I didn't even bother burning this one as soon as I browsed through the files.

If your a Virtua Fighter nut, then this disc will probably worth the look for the early test footage (although they forgot to include footage of VF1's axed Arabian characters who was later made playable in Fighters Megamix) but over wise, don't bother.

In other news: I got another light gun and rumble pack the other day chap. Playing house of the Dead 2 with two guns is harder, but certainly just as fun. I have that Bleem topic I promised ages go on it's way.


Anonymous said...

Those discs were released with Shenmue II Limited Edition in Japan.

Animated AF said...

Ahh, that'd explain it. Thanks for that.

Tom Charnock said...

Interesting. I'l have to try to get hold of these...