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Get into the Halloween Mood with DC Evolution!

DCEvolution.net, home of the finest free Hombrew Dreamcast games and apps, has created a Halloween themed Dreamcast E-book/activity CD.

Scary stories, pictures, audio and other such cool stuff abound in this CD image which can be used in both the Dreamcast and your PC. The PC version is also an excellent source for scary text fonts for use in Halloween party invitations.

Get it here:

Found at: DCemuUK Forums.


Anonymous said...

Didn't you guys forget the DC birthday? :)

Caleb said...

Um...If you look at the past posts you will see that both the Gagaman(n) and myself posted about 9-9-99.

As for the Japanese launch it wasn't until november.

Caleb said...

...Unless you are talking about the PAL Dreamcast release...

I dunno. Wasn't that in the middle of Oct?

Animated AF said...

It was the 27th October, I think, so a few days to go then.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure it was october 14th
but i could be wrong

but anyway, keep up the good work, it's always a fun place to surf ;)

Animated AF said...

Ah yes, you could be right. I'm probably thinking of when exactly I bought mine, seeing as it was a couple weeks later.

Caleb said...

I am disapointed in Kotaku.

They took until TODAY to talk about the New "Dynamite Dreams" game.

They got it from an article YESTERDAY on Insert Credit.

My article was on the 11th. And other websites like DcEMU had it up earlier than that.

Get with the times Kotaku. You gots to keep up with the latest Dreamcast news.

Animated AF said...

It's Kotaku tradition to be at least a week behind with gaming news, though! Can't break tradition!