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The DCJY gets a nod in Retro Gamer Magazine! - Part 2

Remember this? I bet most of you went right away to the near kiosk/book store/other magazine selling place to buy it, didn't you? Unfortunately not all of us have access to it (I remember even Racketboy himself was having some trouble finding a copy of said issue), so for all of you who have been dying to read it here's a shot at the column where the DCJY gets mentioned for your reading pleasure (click for full size, although the full image is not that big, don't forget to put your reading glasses on...).


fatherkrishna said...

Thanks for that Nebacha! I haven't been able to get my hands on a copy yet! Everywhere that used to sell it in my home town has stopped selling it... I even travelled to Liverpool and failed to find a copy :( GRRRRRR!

Anonymous said...

Good to see planet dreamcast in there too!

Anonymous said...

I noticed that too. I was going to send you a pic of it also. Im glad your website was in a mag. :)

Tom Charnock said...

You'll probably have to contact their back issues dept now FK - I think the new edition of Retro Gamer is out now. Try WH Smith in the Arndale - they usually have every magazine ever put to print. It's like that planet-sized library from Dr Who.

DC10 said...

Anyone wanting to visit PlanetDreamcast will have to use the link below, as it's now sadly defunct.