The Gaming Historian takes a look at the Dreamcast - part 1

I think we have all heard this before, but still, it's always fun to watch a new Dreamcast themed video. He does a decent job editing his videos which is more than most can say.

Plus it's always fun to point out all the stuff people get wrong!

For example the graphic he sets up says that the Dreamcast only had 56k modem and did not have broadband capability. Wrong. You could buy a broadband adaptor for the Dreamcast just like you could buy a broadband adaptor for the PS2.

See if you can spot any other errors.

Oh and the other thing that bothered me is that he mentioned Bernie Stolar but didn't mention any of the horrible mistakes he made, including needlessly cutting the initial Dreamcast price in the US by $50. People would have paid the extra $50 and Sega could have got a ton of extra profit. I dunno. Why drop Stolars's hated name if you are not going to discuss any of that stuff?

(Not to mention all the mistakes Stolar made with the Sega Saturn)


Animated AF said...

I'd let him off on the Broadband adapter, as it wasn't released until pretty late in the Dreamcast's life cycle and didn't get a Euro release. Otherwise he's pretty darn accurate with his info. Wherever or not he was grabbing it from Wikipedia is another thing entirely but who cares. Look forward to part two.

Caleb said...

It's funny that you mention Wikipedia because that's what I was thinking as well.

As a librarian I really don't like how people use wikipedia as a source.

In any case I won't let him off on using Bernie Stolar's name without letting people know how that guy pissed off third party developers.

NebachadnezzaR said...

He makes mistakes right in the beginning, even before he starts talking about the Dreamcast. He mentioned the "old" and "new" Atari like they're the same company, when in fact the Atari that made the 2600 died a long time ago, what we see nowadays is just the good old Infogrames after they borrowed the Atari name.

And since when does a DVD hold 8GB on single layer and 17GB on dual layer? It's more like 4.5 and 8.5 respectively.

Other than that, well, it's always good to see that people still take the time to make videos about the Dreamcast.

BTW, the Dreamcast didn't fail, gamers failed the Dreamcast.

fatherkrishna said...

Great video! I agree with Caleb, you can't mention St***r without also mentioning the word w**ker...

Looking forward to part two also!