Dreamcast Games to Play on Halloween.

Well, I have been forced into the Halloween spirit this year as my place of work seems to require it.

The theme is "Batman" this year so I managed to grab a burlap sack from a local coffee shop and I am making into a "Scarecrow Mask" for Halloween. It's coming out quite nice.

Here are a few games to play during Halloween.

The new Beats of Rag Mod based on the Splatterhouse series.

I have not played it yet. I am assuming you go around and kill evil stuff in a messy manner (If they stay true to the source material that is...)

Here is the DCEmu article and the LavaLit article for future reference.



The original RE series is a no brainer when it comes to horror themed games.

RE Code Veronica was the first RE game to do away with 2D backgrounds and was the first RE game to debut on a non-Sony console.

I find that the Dreamcast controller is perfect for survival horror games and thus I enjoy playing this game on the Dreamcast rather than the PS2 or Gamecube.

Find a copy of this lovely gem and proceed to have a good time running away from zombies and biological freaks for awhile.

Bats are really annoying. Hold up your lighter to get rid of them. I played through this game once before I learned that trick.

Illbleed is like starring in a B-Horror movie.

Instead of running away from enemies the gameplay drives you to walk slowly through each level looking for traps and steak dinners to gorge yourself on.

It's fun to play a game that doesn't really take itself too seriously but still manages to be very creepy and bloody at times.

Also: Evil Undead Sonic.

And of course the ultimate Halloween party game.

"Suffer like G did?"
"No! Don't Come!"

We have all heard these lines before and we all love them.

You know what I really wanted to do an in depth article about why this game is so fun but come on.

Zombies with Chainsaws people...

...You can't get more Halloween than that.
Happy Halloween Everyone!


Bkron said...

I would add Zombie Revenge to that list.

Tom Charnock said...

Unfortunately I can't play HOTD 2 on my (much documented) LCD telly - which is a bit of a ball ache; and I don't own Illbleed. Also, I'd add the Pumpkin Hill stage from Sonic Adventure 2! Nice post fella

Animated AF said...

Tom: You could play it with the Dreamcast mouse (if you have one) which isn't quite the same thing but still far better than using the standard controller.

Also: where did this new layout come from? The background is a bit of an eye sore, mainly because it doesn't loop like a wallpaper very well. When I requited to re-design the site once I was told to leave it put! =)

Animated AF said...

*requited? Should be 'requested'.

Also: does anyone think we should update this blog's layout to the new blogger format? That way we'd have the "previous articles" buttons at the bottom of the page for easier navigation, amongst other things.

Unknown said...

Nice new layout !
The Blogger 2 thingy is really an improvement, simpler to use, and much more reliable (I was used to experience many glitches before, like fucked up text alignment, or so). I stick to it since its very release and don't regret it.

Tom Charnock said...

You know it looks badass now, GM - just admit it!

Tom Charnock said...

Oh, and cheers for the comments Mochi - add yourself as a follower, y'know, if you feel so inclined!

Unknown said...

Sure thing !
I'm following since I was known as Pixoshiru and living in Japan, so this goes without saying !

Fred Fuchs said...

Dracula - Angry Video Game Nerd

Funny video!

'Aaron Boone' said...

Happy Halloween 2009, Dreamcast Junkyard!

What a day it's been! I bought my first Dreamcast about 2 weeks ago, following all the 10th birthday interest on the web and in particular your own top 100 poll. Actually, I wanted to buy it a little earlier but there weren't any good fleaBay auctions at the time, so I had to wait a bit. I ended up getting a Dreamcast, mint and complete with several games for around the price of one Xbox 360 game. Hooray! I'm very pleased with my purchase. Each one of the bundled games is good and I've burned a few others from snesorama.us, one of them just for today. This morning I played Resident Evil 3, which took me back as I'd played it a little on the original GayStation. Aren't the DC ports of RE 2&3 supposed to be the best on any console/computer, even to this day? It certainly looked better than I remember and using the VMU to show health was a great idea. Then after lunch I played another bundled game, Shadow Man. It has a suitably occult theme for the occasion. I like the game and there's a lot to admire about it but after playing for about an hour and a half, I can't see myself maintaining interest long enough to complete it. Also, it started to annoy me that all the enemies take so long to kill. It kind of reminded me of when I saw the film Starship Troopers and thought the troopers' guns were too damn weak! Anyway, my friend, who knows more about the DC than me, came over for some 2-player goodness and that's when I put in my specially burned Halloween game: Vampire Chronicle! It's a 2D fighting game with monster characters such as Frankenstein, a werewolf, mummy, green lizard thingy . . . bee. You probably know already. Until this week, I hadn't even heard of the Vampire/Darkstalker games, so it was all new to me. However, the game mode we choose - Vampire - plays just like Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (which I have on 360) and I was able to destroy my opponent repeatedly until he got angry and didn't want to play anymore! LOL. The best Halloween game so far! He then suggested we play another 'Halloween' fighting game called Dead or Alive, which he'd brought. After a few goes it was clear to me that it wasn't a Halloween game at all and was taken out. Obviously, this had nothing to do with my being no good at it! ;) He then went on my computer, before leaving, and starting downloading a "scary game" called Ooga Booga for me, which I burned and played a few hours ago. *Sigh* Well, at least it turned out to be an otherwise fun game! Okay, so that's my Dreamcast Halloween Adventure thus far. I'm off to download some of the titles you've recommended. Illbleed looks interesting. I have a Dreamcast keyboard, so I'm going to pass on House of the Dead 2 and get The Typing of the Dead instead, even though it was never released in the UK. Such a great console for imports! :)