The Dreamcast History Project

Yesterday I stumbled across this archive on Sega's Japanese website that lists every single game released for the Dreamcast in Japan by release date with box art, so being the obsessive compulsive I am, I decided to save every single one of the 500 and something front covers. Then this morning I decided to hunt down this online program I saw used for something about the history of animation called Dipity, which lets you create a full interactive timeline with images, info, video etc. It's really simple to use and all of today I've been working on a timeline of the Dreamcast's many game releases, starting with for now all the Japanese ones which I have these cover images and release dates for.

Consider this my late present for the Dreamcast's 10th birthday. It's a work in progress but there is already quite a few entries there (all of 1998, most of 1999, some of 2000 and most of the latter years), mainly just showing the box art and on some a wikipedia link, but I plan to take the descriptions from the long dead Dreamcast Junkyard wiki and add them to the games info too. This may take quite a while so i might need some help with it, especially for hunting down the English language names for a lot of the games (most are on segagagadomain, at least). I'll see how I do.

So try it out, I've embedded it above. The further you zoom (I find the 1 month setting is the best), the more you'll see. There's also a flipbook which lets you look at the covers much bigger, and a list, it's all very clever how it works. It really does show just how quickly all our favorite DC games were crammed onto the market, with many weeks featuring about 3 great games at a time.


Unknown said...

You're mad, which makes you awesome, actually.
Good luck with that titanesque task !

Anonymous said...

That's amazing, interesting and ridiculous. I'm amazed you managed to get this far, so good luck to you.

Animated AF said...

I work my arse on this and only get two comments? You ungrateful swines!

Only joking, I've already done most of the Japanese releases that people give a toss about, I will probably start working on the American and European exclusives next, no way am I putting every game from all three regions!

fatherkrishna said...

Sorry Gagaman(n) I've been having major PC problems recently, so haven't been around for a while. Good work fella!

Unknown said...

Fantastic work! Could you help us out by sharing your backup ?

I've been looking to do this for quite a while, and recently even asked at DCS for help:

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

christuserloeser -_at_-