Splatterhouse Dreamcast Trilogy Released

Pulled from DCEmu

Yet another collection of Beats of Rage homebrews for the Dreamcast has been released.

This time it's all three games in the Splatterhouse remake.

It's the classic Sega game remade for the Beats of Rage engine.

It's amazing how much effort people are putting into these mods.

Check out the special moves for just one of the characters in the game.

*down, up, attack (Head attack)
*forward, down, attack (Slide attack)
*forward, down, forward, attack (Spinning Razor)
*forward, down, up, spacial (Brutal Combo)
*back + attack (Back Punch)

*forward, forward (hold) (Run)
*forward, forward, attack (Shoulder Attack)
*while running press: jump, attack (Long Flying Kick)

*while jumping press: up + attack (Flying Spinning Razor)
*while jumping press: down + attack (Knee attack)

*while grabbing press: up + attack (Kick Blast)
*while grabbing press: down + attack (Heel Attack)

SH part2 Special Move
*back, forward, attack (Special Combo)

SH part3 Special Move
*back, forward, special (Critical Combo)

More about the mod.

Amazing really.

Download Links

DC Evolution


Custom Cover and Art


Anonymous said...

Oh! Woe is me! my cd burner has conked out.
I've been awaiting the splatterhouse mod release; hopefully I can use my other computer to burn it, anyone know how to burn a dreamcast game in linux?

Ross said...

I bet these original versions of Splatterhouse are more fun than the new one on the modern consoles is going to be.

fatherkrishna said...

Please, oh lovely dev community, spread your wings and go for something a little more... erm... Dreamcast?

can anyone think of any games made for the Dreamcast that could be modded/devved...

didn't you show Beta of a Half Life mod sometime ago Caleb, or was it a Dream?

Would there be anyway of downloading new levels/costumes etc for the existing games, as there was when Sega's servers were up and running?

I'm not knocking what's out there, but even a game as awesome as Crisis Evil is just Beats Of Rage/Streets Of Rage at the end of the day...

I'm being negative again aren't I?

NebachadnezzaR said...

You actually have a point there, and a very pertinent one.

I too think it would be awesome to see mods for existing games and stuff like that instead of just another beats of range mod, which is still better than nothing at all.

You were not dreaming, you're thinking of a dreamcast port of Counter-Strike