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Darn, beaten to the first Wind + Water Video Review!

Just spotted this on 'That Guy with the Glassies' and man is it a good video review for the recently released Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles. In fact it makes the one I was working on look a bit shit, because it's not just informative, but darn funny too. It even has an animated segment about the history of the Dreamcast and how the public screwed it over because they wanted to wait to play the matrix on DVD on a PS2 instead. What's not to like? Apoloies again for still not getting my review sorted, so enjoy this one instead for now!


Anonymous said...

I just completed fur fighters!

fatherkrishna said...

Nice video, obviously a tad influenced by the Angry Nintendo Nerd or whatever he's called.

Yeah it was pretty funny, but more importantly it actually made me give Wind And Water Puzzles a serious (i not short) play session.

I'm actually re-evaluating my dismissive, "so what" first opinion. Playing through story mode was a blast, as was unlocking the first driving mini-game. The care, attention to detail, tongue in cheek humour,cute and likeable, characters, visual look and wonderful musical score are all very engaging.

I loved Last Hope, but was crap at it to say the least, only getting through the first level and then pretty much dabbling with it when I got the urge, every once in a while. Consequently, apart from enjoying the sound-track and pretty, retro-visuals, I haven't really got my money's worth from it yet.

I can see myself coming back to W&WP when I'm in the same sort of mood that usually ends up with me having a few goes of Sega Swirl.

Top find Gagaman(n). Just one thing though, this won't be on a par with your own review which I am now gagging for...

Any estimated arrival date on that one?

Tom Charnock said...

Dammit Gagaman! Up your game...we need to be first for EVERYTHING! lol

A Moomin - good work son, Fur Fighters kicks industrial amounts of ass.

Animated AF said...

I ended up loosing more than half of what I did on my video a while back for some reason i can't remember, and now I;m considering re-writing a lot of the dialog. Also I've been down with the flu as of late though that hasn't stopped me working on the DC tribute video on and off.. =)

Anonymous said...

Thankyou dad.

NebachadnezzaR said...

I got to admit, that review got me pumped up to play some Wind & Water. Got to grab that game at some point.