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The Segagaga Box set: Inside Out

Back in 2000 I learned about Segagaga in magazines, and found the official Japanese website that had all sorts of great images of the mysterious game, including all the limited edition content made for it including a Mega Drive style VMU and the collectors edition box set of the game. The game sounded so awesome to me that not only did I name my first foray into website making after it (which later became Mangagaga, where characters from the game made appearances in the comics) and also saved a whole bunch of the images which are now used as elements of Sega Memories.

I've been wanting to own this game ever since I heard about it, even if it's all in Japanese so I probably wouldn't get that far in it, considering it's an RPG of sorts. Particularly I wanted the box set that contained some rather fancy goodies. For years now I've been attempting to get one on eBay when they rarely pop up, getting outbid left right and center by people willing to blow more cash on it than me. Recently I found one by searching for 'SGGG' rather than 'Segagaga' that had a starting price of £50, and in a stroke of sheer luck, no one else even attempted to outbid me for it! Even better: the item was located in the UK so the postage wasn't as high as all the ones coming from Japan before it. It showed up at last the other day, and here it is!

A pretty simple white box with the SGGG logo. Open it up to reveal..

Even more SGGG logos! The presentation is very simple, and not the colorful craziness of the Samba De Amigo maraca set, but then the Dreamcast box itself was like this too with just a logo on it.

The game itself comes in a odd box. It looks like a DVD case but is twice as thick and also a little bit taller. Inside it has two disc holders (even though the game is only one) and the manual is CD sized, just like the one you'd get in the regular release in a CD case. A shame they couldn't make a book shaped manual with bigger art to match the box. Oh well.

Contained in the little white box is one of the nicest goodies: the pin set. There's a pin here for the logos of all of Sega's significant consoles from the Sega Mark III (AKA the Master System) to the Dreamcast along with a SGGG pin. The box is kind of cheap feeling but the pins are sweet.

The T-shirt at first glance looks just as minimalistic as the box, which nothing more than a logo on it. Take it out of it's re-sealable package and check out the back however..

..and you get this fantastic black and white image of Sega's many console controllers dangling and a huge Sega 'S' along with the words 'Generation S 21st century, Sega control the world". Of course they do. Ahem.

Finally there's this little black organizer book. The first pages include the lyrics and a music sheet of the 'Segagaga March' theme tune. The next two pages include some info about some of the oddball characters you'll fight in the game (including Alex kidd). After that it goes into normal organizer pages of dates, phone numbers, addresses etc. Oddly enough all these pages are in English.

As for the game itself. I've played it before via a CD-R copy of it, although on that to fit the game on a CD many of the cut scenes were removed. There is a translation guide for the first chapter of the game on gamefaqs which I used but once you get to that point you get into the game development simulation which is far more complicated as you have to manage your staff while they tap away at their computers programming games for you (the results of which turn out to be classic Sega games from all their consoles or parody games like 'Mortal Wombat' and 'Sega Lolly'). With the CD-R I could also rip a bunch of artwork from the game and screenshots from the cut scenes (the ones on it, that is)

Yes, those are the troops from the Mega Drive game ESWAT. GEEK OUT.

To see more of the game I dug out my trusty DC Tool disc which contains hundreds of VMU Save files, including a complete save file for this game. You can't technically play the game with this, but you can check out all the wonderful cut scenes, the games that your staff develop and best of all the unlockable mini-games.

I'm sure you've all seen this footage of a scrolling shooter where you fight each of Sega's consoles that spit out sprites from Golden Axe, Fantasy Zone and Space Harrier II amongst other things, but what you might not know is this mini-game is pretty much what the canceled Thunder Force VI for the Dreamcast could have been like. There is a mode with just the bosses one after the other but also a mode where you get a full stage of enemies (which include pink Playstation controllers, CDs and Mark III controllers) before fighting each boss. This mode is almost like a full scrolling shooter in itself, and is more fun to play than quite a few full shmup releases on the Dreamcast, even if it is a bit short. This mode also features some stunning remixes of classic Sega music, even Vectorman is represented!

The other mini games include one where you have to push Dreamcast boxes into a lift which is essentially a clone of Soko-ban, that also features music from Pengo. There's 40 puzzle in total to solve, which get rather tricky. Finally there's a game that requires you clean dirty Sega arcade cabinets before the time runs out by rapidly bashing the A and B buttons. It's amusing for a bit and has rankings to beat. To me the game was worth buying for the shmup mini game alone, it's amazing. I'm going to rip some footage of these which I'll upload later. If you missed it before check out this great video review of the game by the Happy Console gamer.


Unknown said...

Thunder force V, not IV. :)

Animated AF said...

Turns out I actually meant VI, as V was the 3D Saturn/Playstation one.

Tom Charnock said...

SGGG is something of a mystery to me. What's it all about? From your other posts on the subject, I gather it's some sort of game-developer sim, but that's all I really know. The box set you acquired is cool as hell though - especially that t-shirt and the badges. That shirt would be straight on my back next time I went down the pub! Cool post GM - as ever.

Animated AF said...

Tom, this article from hardcore gamer 101 should tell you all you need to know: http://hg101.classicgaming.gamespy.com/segagaga/segagaga.htm

There's also this great interview with the games director: http://www.edge-online.com/magazine/the-story-sega%E2%80%99s-oddest-game-ever?page=0%2C0

gnome said...

Amazing. A true SEGA love letter....

NebachadnezzaR said...

Nice look at that hollowed game. It's such a shame that it's in Japanese. Someone should really do a translation patch or at least a comprehensive walkthrough covering every aspect of the game.

Still, I guess there's some playability factor even for someone who doesn't understand Japanese. Nice post, G-man

Caleb said...


$216 for the limited edition here.

Wasn't there a whole big scheme to make a Sega Gaga Translation?


Last update was back in May 08.


Animated AF said...

Yeah, I hope that translation job at least gets released in some form, even if it's just the basics you need to play the simulation part of the game (the story can come second really) as that part is pretty much impossible to use a guide for.

Unknown said...

GagaMan(n), dude, seriously, your house needs a serious RAIDIN'! Lol, just kidding, I'm not into burglary... well, at least not anymore, but that's a totally different story. About SGGG: I've actually saw the entire box a couple of months ago, and I seriously was thinking about buying the SGGG box but it was too expensive at the time so that purchase went nowhere... maybe some other day, since there are other games that I really want to buy and that have more priority (unfortunately) than SGGG.

P.S.: Yo, GagaMan(n), I've found this: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/SGGG-5-SEGAGAGA-Original-Soundtrack-CD_W0QQitemZ110328609507QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item110328609507&_trksid=p3286.m63.l1177 . A SGGG soundtrack. Looks cool :)

Animated AF said...

Oh yeah, I'd seen that soundtrack on there. It almost costs as much as this box set did though! I also have a guide book of this game though obviously i can't read it.

NebachadnezzaR said...

João, familiar name there, where are you from? :)

Unknown said...

I'm from Portugal, NebachadnezzaR, but I've only been commenting on the blog for less than a couple of weeks (I've been a reader of the blog for a longer time thought) :D

Unknown said...

Oh I didn't noticed you were also from Portugal. Allow me then to be more specific about my location: I live in a small place called Arouca , near Castelo de Paiva. Dreamcast: Está pensando! ;)

NebachadnezzaR said...

Wow, a fellow portuguese dreamcaster! :D

Allow me to introduce myself, then! Nuno Almeida from Oliveira do Bairro, near Aveiro. Nice to meet you! :)

Tom Charnock said...

The Dreamcast Junkyard: bringing the peoples of the world together. Beautiful! lol

Unknown said...

Likewise, NebachadnezzaR. Also, god damn the weather :D

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the Happy Console Gamer review of Segaga?

Its really well done. I wish he would just review more DC games though.