G'day. You may recall a video I did a few weeks back that documented the visual qualities of ace racer LeMans 24hrs. Well, I've been at it again. Y'see, last week I bought the rather spiffing 360 snowboard 'em up Amped 3 and I've actually been playing it non-stop since then. But earlier today, I had a thought: How do the DC's best snowboarders stand up to Amped 3?

Cue me rummaging around for my copy of arguably the DC's best looking 'boarding sim - Sega Extreme Sports. I know it's not technically a proper bonafide snowboarding game, what with all the hang-gliding and mountain biking going on, but the boarding sections are super cool (sorry), and miles better than Snow Surfers and that bit in Sonic Adventure where you have to outrun that avalanche.

Anyway, enough waffling. Here's the vid. Enjoy.


NebachadnezzaR said...

I actually like Snow Surfers, a lot. Used to play the demo to death before getting the full game. Got to try Extreme Sports, but I seriously doubt it could be better :)

Tom Charnock said...

Fair point, but as I said in the main article, it's more of a visual comparison than anything else - and in that sense Extreme Sports blows Snow Surfers out of the water.

Anonymous said...

You mean snow?

Anonymous said...

Extreme sports is an amazing game, at least graphically... i made some videos myself some time ago.

I especially love the endless terrain in the bonus missions (next-gen stuff):

and the lensflare+lightsourcing:


fatherkrishna said...

Nice video Tom! These comparisons are further proof of the might of the Dreamcast!

Anonymous said...

seriously . your blog is great and fun to read.

leon phoenix said...

sting comparison(though Amped 3 was a launch title).It's true that many DC games hold up pretty well visually.For example,i played Shenmue 2 last year and i was impressed.I hope that you'll do more comparison videos.
Btw,Virtual On (the final NAOMI version) was announced for XBLA.A trailer was released.

leon phoenix said...

I meant interesting in the previous comment.

Anonymous said...

Man, i really, really urge you to review Looney Tunes Space Race, i played it with my son recently and the graphic style, gameplay and general feeling about it is AAA even by "today's standards".
A great game, regardless of the WB licence!!